Zach Ertz Trade Rumors: How Bills Are Best For The Eagles

Zach Ertz Trade Rumors: How Bills Are Best For The Eagles

The Bills could use a reliable veteran tight end to take their explosive offense with Josh Allen to the next level. They created $ 7.8 million of salary cap space by restructuring the contract of wide receiver Stefon Diggs on Tuesday. The Eagles are positioned to trade tight end Zach Ertz to save $ 8.5 million in salary from their 2021 cap.

This made Buffalo the new big favorite to make a successful trade with Philadelphia to make Ertz a key complementary target for Diggs. The Bills, trying to dethrone the Chiefs as AFC champions, have been working to improve their defense this offseason. But they also want to be able to outwit an attack led by Patrick Mahomes when needed, too.

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The Bills created a slight overhaul of their receiving body ahead of June, with John Brown (Raiders) starting in free agency and Emmanuel Sanders (Saints) arriving. They also expect the fourth round of sophomore Gabriel Davis to have more of an impact on the big game, stretching the field for Allen’s big arm.

They have an advantage in the tight end in the third round of Dawson Knox third year, but there is no potential to diversify their attack with 12 stable limbs (two tight ends), with Jacob Hollister and Tommy Sweeney as other options. Knox is athletic and is able to burst quickly as a pass-catcher, but Ertz is established and can create the same kind of short to intermediate chemistry with Allen that he once had with Carson Wentz.

Speaking of Wentz, the Colts have also been a high-profile destination for Ertz after trading with the Eagles for Wentz early in the offseason. But Indianapolis had to act on its interest in Ertz in the 2021 NFL Draft, which never materialized.

The Eagles are now motivated to deal with Ertz as he passed on June 1 and they can maximize the cap relief they will get from his abandoned contract.

Would Ertz be a bit of a luxury addition to the bills? Yes. They were the second highest offense in the NFL in 2020, averaging 31.3 yards per game. But in the sense of adding critical schematic versatility to the production volume, Ertz would be an important option.

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