YouTube is testing new loop button functionality for its Android app

YouTube is testing new loop button functionality for its Android app

YouTube is currently testing a new loop button. In other words, users will no longer have to press the replay button.

It should be mentioned here that the loop function is already available for internet users. YouTube plans to roll out this must-have feature for those browsing the app on their mobile phones.

A new loop button for the YouTube mobile app would help users avoid hitting the replay button every time they want to watch a video again. This looping feature is available on most music streaming platforms.

Since YouTube has a lot of world music, a loop button is an essential feature. In an attempt to become a bit more music-friendly, YouTube recently introduced listening controls, which were originally spotted by 9to5Google.

The YouTube loop button is currently being tested

YouTube has already started testing looping video features with some users, according to DroidMaze. While it seemed like a super limited test back then, more and more users are now claiming to have seen it.

Those who don’t see it on their phone or account yet will have to be a little patient until the feature gets to them. During this time, pressing the replay button will be the only solution, even if it requires manual intervention.

YouTube loop button video

YouTube’s new loop button will appear as an additional option in the app’s three-dot menu. The video looping function will be useful when you want to listen to a song or watch a video several times.

YouTube adds another feature for smartphone users

It is quite surprising that the loop video function has not yet been implemented on mobile. Although it already exists on the web, the option is hidden under the context menu on Videos. It could have been placed near the play / pause buttons for better visibility.

In addition to adding a new loop button for the app, YouTube will launch another feature that allows users of the app to trim videos, DroidMaze reported. The company is currently testing Clip with more users.

YouTube clip

the Clipping function will allow users to create 60 second video clips from existing videos, which can be shared with a different link. This new feature is available on iOS and Android.

Some Twitter users are suggesting that YouTube for Android TV will introduce a slew of new features like video description. Note that links that users add in the description will not work on TV. Users will also not be able to open these links from TV.

It remains to be seen how YouTube rolls out these features in future updates. These features are currently in the testing phase and available to only a few users.

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