YouTube description now shows “likes and views” counters more prominently

YouTube description now shows “likes and views” counters more prominently

YouTube mobile app takes a new update that significantly changes the extended video description user interface. The new user interface offers larger likes and views counters. It also displays the precise information about the video upload date.

The latest update, however, does not change the Descriptive UI in the main preview pane. It is only when you expand the video description by tapping the drop-down menu next to the video title that you will see the most important counters for likes and views. The undeveloped preview pane still displays the “Like” and “Dislike” counters in the traditional way with a corresponding icon. The buttons to share, download and save the video are also always present under the video title and the views counter.

In particular, expanding the video description now hides the Dislike counter. Maybe all buttons are hidden when you press this drop down menu. So you can’t actually like, unlike, share, download, or save video from this UI. You also cannot access the comments section or any other video when expanding the description. You might want to expand it only when you need to see the details of a video or access the links in the description. Well, that’s basically why you’d be extending it anyway.

If you want to react to the video in any way – like / different from it, share or save it, or put a comment – or scroll down to see more videos, you’ll have to collapse the developed description. You can either tap this cross icon (×) just below the video playback or pull down the expanded Description UI to collapse it.

The latest YouTube Description UI update is now rolling out

YouTube’s latest Description UI started popping up for some users a few weeks ago. It was probably a test to try to find bugs so the company could iron them out before releasing the update. The test was apparently successful. The new user interface is being rolled out widely worldwide. Android and iOS mobile apps support this change.

YouTube changes the user interface of its mobile applications quite frequently. He recently introduced a very complicated menu to change the playback quality of a video. Instead of resolution numbers like 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, etc., users now see fewer options in plain text. These are Auto, Superior Image Quality, Data Saver, and Advanced. The last advanced option still gives you access to traditional resolution numbers, but everything is very complicated.

As expected, users did not like this change. YouTube has so far ignored user opinions. It now remains to be seen how users react to the latest changes to the extended video description user interface.

Expanded YouTube description user interface

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