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We’re back with a new Mobile Video Monthly, where we discuss changes and trends in video in the mobile app space. This could be news about ASO, UA, or other ways video can be exploited by developers and publishers.

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YouTube Originals will soon be free and ad-supported – May 2

Google announced that all new YouTube Original series and promotions are will be available for free with ads, where before they were behind a “paywall” (the Netflix model).

This means that advertisers will have even more opportunities to target YouTube users. It seems, however, that only certain advertisers can take advantage of these placements, as Google mentioned. “YouTube Originals will be available to advertisers through Custom Sponsorships or Google Preferred Lists.”

New YouTube ad formats and ad groups in Google App campaigns – May 8

In recent months, there has been a new YouTube ad format with “wide format” ads where the full screen is “taken” by the app install ad.

Google made the format official during Google I / O on May 8.

Campaign ad groups for apps were also announced and are expected to be available this quarter: Advertisers will soon be able to create an unlimited number of ad groups, each with their own creative elements.

The idea is to create different ad groups for different audiences and to group your creations by “themes”. Creatives reports will also be available by ad group, making it easier to understand which theme resonates the most with your potential audience.

We are also delighted that Google made Apptamin a trusted app building partner and we look forward to helping you with some high performing creative elements for your campaigns.

Longer YouTube Ads Increase 19% – May 15

A study by MediaRadar shows that the number of 30-second ads on YouTube rose 19% in January and February this year compared to 2018. 6-second ads fell 20%.

Although Google has promoted shorter formats, when it comes to app campaigns, it has always been recommended to upload a variety of videos: from shorter vertical videos to longer landscape videos (30 seconds playtime). These are usually specifically for YouTube, and a longer video can help sell your app better.

The 15 second ads remain the most popular on the platform. However, what’s more important than the duration is making sure that the first few seconds (before the jump button becomes available) grab attention and also show or mention your brand.

LINE Adds Stories Feature to App Timeline – May 20

The calling and messaging app created in Japan and very popular in APAC region has just added a “Stories” feature.

The functionality is of course very similar to what is available on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp: vertical photos or videos disappearing after 24 hours.

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And just like with the apps mentioned above, we can expect that once the feature gains traction, it will be leveraged for Line Story ads.

WhatsApp will have in-app ads in 2020 – May 30

Back in October last year, Facebook announced that it will serve ads to Whatsapp users in an upcoming release.

It looks like this next release will end up being next year. The ad format in the app is should resume fullscreen and appear in WhatsApp statuses (introduced in 2017).

Another advertising functionality planned is to redirect users of Instagram ads to WhatsApp, where they can communicate with the company.

Amazon acquires Sizmek’s ad server business – May 31

Sizmek filed for bankruptcy on March 29 and Amazon acquired its ad serving technology.

While Sizmek Ad Server and Sizmek DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization) will operate separately from Amazon Advertising for now, it is an initiative that should allow the company to further compete with the Google and Facebook advertising duopoly.

It is questionable whether Amazon will use this new technology “only” to drive more traffic to its store or also allow brands to advertise other things (like apps).

Is Apple A / B testing the display of landscape videos on the product page? – May 31st

It looks like Apple is testing different ways to display app previews in landscape mode on the product page: it is now either displayed in Gallery (as it used to be when screenshots had the same orientation) , or in the “A Closer Look” section (so only screenshots in the gallery.

Lanscape app preview before
Like it’s always been before
Landscape app preview test
What we see for multiple apps (video only in A Closer Look, even with screenshots that have the same orientation)

That’s it for this month! Did we miss anything important related to mobile video? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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