You can stop calls to your Google Home speakers when you are away

You can stop calls to your Google Home speakers when you are away

Google is finally fixing an issue with its Home ecosystem when it comes to video calling, reports indicate. Namely, by preventing those calls from arriving on smart speakers linked to a Google Home ecosystem. Specifically, this is when users aren’t even there to answer them.

How does Google stop calls to home speakers when you’re away from home?

Now the way Google implements this is pretty straightforward and not even all that new. In fact, it’s already been available on the Assistant app on iOS devices for quite some time now. But it will undoubtedly be more than welcome for those users who have linked their Duo or other video calling apps to their smart home. Especially those who want make the most out of their smart home.

In summary, a new setting has been added titled “Ring only when you are at home” in the “Device and call settings” segment of the app. As is understood, by pressing the “Configure” button, you will start by requesting access to the location data. Once users agree to this, the system will effectively prevent calls from going to the speakers and associated smart displays. Explicitly when the user’s phone is not near the associated address.

The caveat, of course, is that location data will also be used for home and away routines. Therefore home automation routines will also have access to location data. At least as far as determining whether the primary home user is, in fact, at home.

When, exactly, is this going to happen to you?

Now, as of this writing, the new functionality has not yet arrived everywhere or for everyone. It’s already widely available on iOS through the Assistant app. But the rollout to Android is only just beginning in the Google Home app. And it also appears to be a slow deployment, so it may take some time for users to see it.

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