You can buy RedMagic 6 gaming phones from April

Earlier this month, RedMagic officially announced the RedMagic 6 and RedMagic 6 Pro gaming phones, and starting in April you will have the option to purchase them in the United States.

Right now, the last two RedMagic gaming devices are available for purchase in China. But a global version was not scheduled for the same time. Instead, the launch would take place later in the year, but without any date specified.

Today RedMagic confirmed when you can purchase the next RedMagic 6 or RedMagic 6 Pro. On top of that, he also announced the prices. And for the cost, the RedMagic 6 could end up being a pretty good alternative to the likes of the ROG Phone 5.

Our review hailed the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate as the ultimate mobile gaming machine. But it’s also likely that it will end up costing hundreds more than the Pro model of RedMagic’s latest device.

RedMagic 6 and 6 Pro launch in the US on April 9

All or most of RedMagic’s past gaming phones have been great devices. Often or always with the best of premium components. The same is true here, as both phone models come with the Snapdragon 888 mobile platform.

You also get 16GB of RAM in the Pro, which comes with 256GB of storage. Even though ASUS has yet to announce a price in the United States for its ROG Phone 5 series, it seems highly likely that RedMagic will win on the cost front.

If you don’t really need 16GB of RAM or 256GB of storage, the standard RedMagic 6 comes with 12GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and it costs just $ 599. The RedMagic 6 Pro, meanwhile, costs just $ 100 more for a total of $ 699.

Compare that to the potential $ 1,200 cost of the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate or the potential cost of $ 1,100 of the Pro version, and you get big savings for almost all of the same specs. So it’s clear that RedMagic is trying to capture some of the mobile gaming market by offering equally powerful devices for a lot less money.

Global Open Sale starts April 15

The phone might launch on April 9, but that’s only when pre-orders begin. Open sales for the global market, which includes the United States, don’t begin until a week later, on April 15.

This means that this is the day you can buy the device and it should ship out pretty soon after you pay for it. There don’t appear to be any special offers for people who pre-order. So unless you absolutely need to be the first to get one, or are worried that there are some stock issues, you can always wait to buy the RedMagic 6 until the day of the week. ‘opening.

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