Xiaomi Wear 2.6.4 APK Download By Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd

With Xiaomi Wear, you can track your workouts and monitor your physical condition.

Track your workouts
Map your route, visualize your progress and achieve your goals. Track your walks, runs and bike rides right from your phone.

Better sleep
See your sleep patterns, learn about your sleep cycles, check your sleep quality, and get useful information.

Monitor your energy levels
Identify times of stress, the amount and intensity of physical activity, and how you are recovering.

Reach Your Fitness Goals
Track your progress towards your step, calorie, and standing goals.

Track your cycle
Record your menstrual cycle, calculate the next period and check your fertile period.

Have notifications
View notifications, messages and emails right on your portable device.

Get help from Alexa
Check the weather, listen to music, and start a workout just by asking.

Be more productive
If your device provides a reading of oxygen in the blood, you can get information about your body’s ability to absorb oxygen.

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