When is the NHL Draft Lottery held? Best odds for No.1 pick in 2021 NHL Draft

When is the NHL Draft Lottery held?  Best odds for No.1 pick in 2021 NHL Draft

Now that the 2021 NHL regular season is officially over, the 15 teams that will not make the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs may consider finding their next NHL star. But they won’t be the only forward-looking franchises; the Seattle Kraken are now officially official and the 32nd NHL franchise will select its first draft class this summer.

Before the draft begins in July, there is the NHL Draft Lottery to determine which team will take first place. Unlike the last few years, which will be in 2021 is anyone’s guess, even if the project is just over two months away. (Unfortunately, there was no “Lose for Hughes” campaign in 2021). Will it be the United States Matty Beniers or Luke Hughes? Or will Canada’s Owen Power go first overall? These three are just a few of the guys who can take the top spot.

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While we don’t know who will go first in the overall standings, or which team will be the one to make this difficult decision, now that the Flames and Canucks have completed their regular season playlists, we do know the lottery odds. The Sabers, who first selected Rasmus Dahlin in 2018, have the best chance of being the first team to make a virtual selection. Granted, as we’ve seen – remember the Rangers sneaking into first place in 2020 and hooking Alexis Lafrenière? – the odds are not always in favor of the team with the best.

When is the 2021 NHL Draft Lottery held?

The NHL Draft Lottery draw will take place on Wednesday, June 2 at the NHL Network studios in Secaucus, New Jersey. On Friday, July 23, the NHL Draft begins with the first round, followed by rounds 2-7 on Saturday, July 24. in 2020, the 2021 project will be virtual.

How many draws will there be?

This year’s draft lottery will feature two draws:

  • Draw 1: to determine who will select the first in the general classification
  • Draw 2: to determine who will select the second in the general classification

The Kraken had the same odds as the third-worst team in the 2021 season, which is similar to the odds the Golden Knights received when they entered the league in 2017. Vegas ended up taking sixth place overall. and selected Cody Glass. Seattle cannot select less than a fifth in 2021.

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What happens if Coyotes are selected?

The Coyotes had to forgo their 2021 first-round pick after breaking NHL rules regarding the draft suit by performing physical tests on players eligible for the 2019 draft before the suit. Commissioner Gary Bettman has ruled the Coyotes must forgo their second-round pick (49th overall) in 2020 and their first-round pick in 2021.

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If the Coyotes are selected in either draw, there will be a new draw.

Odds of winning the 2021 NHL Draft Lottery

1. Buffalo Sabers 37 16.6
2. Anaheim ducks 43 12.1
3. Seattle Kraken 10.3
4. New Jersey Devils 45 10.3
5. Columbus Blue Jackets 48 8.5
6. Detroit Red Wings 48 7.6
7. Sharks of San Jose 49 6.7
8. Los Angeles Kings 49 5.8
9. Vancouver Canucks 50 5.4
10. Ottawa Senators 51 4.5
11. Arizona Coyotes 54 3.1
12. Chicago Blackhawks 55 2.7
13. Calgary Flames 55 2.2
14. Philadelphia Flyers 58 1.8
15. Dallas Stars 60 1.4
16. New York Rangers 60 1.0

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