What you can do with an old smartphone

So you’ve just upgraded to the shiny new Android or iPhone; impressive! Now what are you going to do with your old phone? While recycling is always a good option, you might want to think twice before getting rid of that old device.

This article explores some alternative uses for an old phone. You might be surprised at how much this older device can still do.

Use it or lose it? Cool ideas for old cell phones

You might not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but there are plenty of great ideas for this aftermarket cell phone. Rather than just recycling, you can breathe new life into your old friend by reusing them.

Here are some reasons to keep this previous model, even after upgrading to the latest flagship phone.

A dedicated portable media player

Most people like to watch movies and listen to music on their smartphone. Over time, media consumption can drain a phone’s battery quite quickly. So what is the solution? Should we give up watching our favorite videos on the go to conserve battery life?

Never scared! There is a solution to the problem of extending battery life. By using your spare phone as a media player, you can enjoy movies and music without draining your primary phone’s battery. Keep your primary phone for important messages and conversations without sacrificing your entertainment by keeping that old phone close at hand!

Backup GPS

Here’s one that many people aren’t aware of: Your old phone’s GPS will work without a SIM card installed. It is therefore perfectly reasonable to use your old phone as a backup GPS device. Since different GPS applications specialize in particular regions or unique functionality, it is beneficial to have more than one application.

One of the biggest issues (pun intended) with installing multiple GPS apps has been storage limits. Each GPS application has to download its own maps, using a lot of storage space. Having a secondary GPS device allows you to switch between many apps without using your phone’s data or storage.

A recording device

Besides playing media, this old cell phone can still record audio and video! While the recording capabilities of modern cell phones are underway confidentiality issue, the features can be handy.

By connecting the cell phone to a computer via a USB or Bluetooth cable, modern phones can serve as microphones or external cameras. Obviously, cell phones also make excellent voice recorders and cameras on their own.

Using the apps available on the Android and iOS App Store, you can turn your aftermarket phone into a remote security camera. Whether you want a baby monitor, or the front or back porch, a battery-powered phone can be a thrifty option.

Portable games

A lot of people play games on their phones, at least occasionally. There are many great games for Android and iOS devices, and the number is growing every day. Like watching movies, games can drain a phone’s battery quickly.

Solve these gaming battery issues by using your additional phone as a portable gaming console. Mobile games today look better and play better than many PC games of the past. You don’t have to run out of new games to conserve your phone’s battery.

Whether you’re blowing up intergalactic invaders or trying your luck at the best IGT casinos, your old phone can give you many hours of enjoyment.

An alarm clock

More and more people are using their phones as an alarm clock, especially when traveling. However, leaving your primary phone on overnight may not be desirable, and charging your phone overnight can potentially damage the battery. Don’t let this problem alarm you, however; your spare phone can still come to the rescue.

By removing all unnecessary apps and turning off network access, your old phone makes a fantastic wake-up call. Place your favorite song or sound on your additional device and save valuable charge cycles on your daily driver’s phone.

There’s no point in throwing away your old phone

With so many uses for your old cell phone, it’s getting harder and harder to justify throwing out an old device. Modern phones are computers in their own right, capable of handling various tasks once reserved for powerful desktop computers.

Beyond the items listed here, there are plenty of other creative uses for an old phone even without a SIM card. Before you decide to throw away your phone or recycle it, think about the possible uses. You could save some extra money and give that old phone a new lens!

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