WellPaper 1.0.1 APK Download by OneLab Studio

With the ever-increasing use of smartphones, there has never been a greater need to know what and how long you are using yours. WellPaper is a digital wellness tool created by OneLab, an experiential software team within OnePlus. It displays dynamic live wallpaper based on your smartphone usage data, allowing you to view and better understand your phone screen time everyday.

Choose from 3 different designs such as the minimal radial design which displays soft and smooth color gradients, or the data-rich composition design which includes a range of tiles that constantly adapt based on the applications you use. Download the app and see how you use your phone today.

• 🔋 Very battery efficient. Wellpaper focuses on dynamic wallpapers that update upon unlock rather than running in the background as an “ always live ” wallpaper.
• 🦄 Fully personalized wallpapers based on your usage behaviors.
• 👌 Stay on top of your digital habits in a discreet and visually pleasing way.

Wellpaper takes the many types of apps on your phone and simplifies them into 6 categories, so that you can easily understand how your phone is used. Within the app, it’s easy to click through the categories and see a detailed breakdown of each or help set screen time reminders to help you manage your usage. Categories include:

• Social
• Lifestyle and communication
• Entertainment
• Games
• Information and business
• Tools

Wellpaper calculates all of this information locally so that none of your data is extracted for outside use. You need an internet connection to know what the Google Play categories are for each individual app.

About OneLab: OneLab is a creative engine within OnePlus, made up of UI / UX designers and developers from around the world. The team is focused on developing exciting new products that improve the software experience for OnePlus users and beyond. These are the visionaries behind Clipt, Insight AOD, Zen Mode, etc.

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