Weird new bug hides playlists downloaded from Spotify

Weird new bug hides playlists downloaded from Spotify

It is safe to say that Spotify is the number one choice for high quality music streaming. However, in a recent development, this popular music streaming service is plagued by a bug that hides downloaded playlists for offline playback.

This Spotify Android A playlist bug apparently affects Spotify Android users. Spotify has been around since 2006, and it has had its fair share of handling bugs on all of the major platforms it operates on.

To give you a few numbers, Spotify has over 150 million paying subscribers and over 350 million active users around the world. Now several users have reported this new Spotify bug.

These reports claim that the new playlists bug prevents Spotify for Android users from viewing their downloaded playlists in the library. Since the issue affects Android users, it is widespread. And a fix is ​​needed on a large scale.

Dig deep, and according to 9to5Google, the latest version of Spotify for Android triggers this new bug on the application. The good thing is that Spotify has officially responded to some users acknowledging the problem.

Spotify is working on a fix for this Android playlist bug and a new update will be rolling out soon.

As of this writing, the Spotify team is working on a fix for this issue on Android and a new update will be rolling out to users soon. Although it’s not clear if the update will arrive separately or as a server-side push.

There is no ETA for this fix and the above statement is based on speculation. So, Spotify for Android users might have to wait a bit for solution to this problem. If you are suffering from the same problem, we advise you to wait for the bug fixing or to use the application as is.

Since this issue only affects users who want to listen to music from their playlist offline, you can still continue to listen to your favorite song online until the fix arrives.

We hope that the developers of Spotify will work on this issue faster, and soon users can download the playlists to listen to their favorite music offline.

In the meantime, 9To5Google suggests that there is only one fix for this. This is to manually search for the playlists you downloaded. As you cannot access it through the tab. Additionally, recently played playlists will also appear in the Home tab.

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