Warriors’ Stephen Curry doesn’t read timing of Lakers’ LeBron James’ MVP approval

Warriors’ Stephen Curry doesn’t read timing of Lakers’ LeBron James’ MVP approval

Stephen Curry takes to heart LeBron James’ comments that he is the NBA MVP for the 2020-21 season.

Asked whether the comments of the Lakers forward calling the Warriors guard the “MVP of our league this year“were” in the game “from the legend, Curry just laughed.

“I like it no matter if it’s him, it’s me, whoever it is, there is always another element of analysis or analysis of what we say, how we say it or when we say it. say, ” Curry said after training on Tuesday. “’Bron is no stranger to this. We neither. “

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Fans and conspiracy theorists have explained why James would endorse Curry for MVP ahead of the Lakers’ win-win gaming match against the Warriors. But Curry takes the comments at face value and as a compliment from James.

“He knows that when he says something, people pay attention,” Curry said. “So for him to talk about my MVP candidacy, respect him. I appreciate him.”

It’s easy to see why James would support Curry as an MVP candidate as well. Curry led the league with 32 points per game, but since returning from a five-game absence at the end of March, he’s been even better than that, averaging a ridiculous 36.9 points per game, shooting 49.1% from the field and averaging 5.7 rebounds and 5.0 assists per game. It was one of the best closing stretches of a season in NBA history.

With Klay Thompson missing the entire season, Curry put that Warriors team on the back burner. His performance has been a big part of the Warriors’ 39-33 record this season. After all, we saw the Warriors curry-free last year, and they’ve only gone 15-60 this season, which is good for the last place in the NBA.

And with Thompson injured and rookie James Wiseman missing most of the season with a right knee injury, the roster was largely the same one that struggled last year.

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In short, James’ endorsement of Curry makes sense and there is no “gambling” involved with either player. It just seems like the two respect each other.

And while it’s nice to get off the pitch, Curry confirmed that the two will fight hard against each other on the pitch Wednesday night.

“We all know as competitors, however, when the lights are on – I can talk about his greatness until I’m blue in the face; he can do the same. It doesn’t change the way we approach. this competition when we, ”says Curry.

“I won’t give him a pass because he likes the way I play this year. And vice versa.”

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