Walmart’s plan for cloud gaming revolved around an open ecosystem

Walmart’s plan for cloud gaming revolved around an open ecosystem

Walmart isn’t the first name you think of for a business looking to enter cloud game. In fact, it might be the last company you’d expect to enter the space. However, a new report shows that the retailer intended to launch its own cloud gaming service, named Project Storm.

According to The edge, Walmart even presented plans for the service to Epic Games in 2019. It also had a demo to show publishers during their presentations, which was playable on an Android phone. Epic’s Mark Rein said it was like he was “playing on a PS4” and not Android.

Walmart has yet to announce the service to the public. He also did not indicate that he was still working on the service.

Walmart cloud gaming service was slated for a June 2019 beta

While Walmart still intends to go for it, it isn’t. The retailer planned to launch a beta version of the service in June 2019. That will happen two years after that point, however. No beta versions have been released.

The documentation that describes the service shows what the client or launcher might have looked like on a PC. These are just mockups, of course, but it kind of shows just how dedicated Walmart seemed to making this a viable offering for users.

The service was supposed to be subscription-based, but it would also allow users to bring their own games. Access would also include sales of games through third party customers.

The service was designed as an open ecosystem

Cloud gaming seems to be a growing space these days. With the likes of Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Shadow, and NVIDIA all offer an option to consumers. And it’s only the big names that get all the attention. Everyone seems to be offering a slightly different model as well, but most of them are all pretty closed.

Walmart wanted its service to be more open. Where gamers could subscribe to access games, bring their own games, and purchase games through clients like, The Epic Games Store, Steam, Uplay, Origin and more.

Gamers could stream the games to the cloud for convenience. But they could also be downloaded and played locally on their PC. The retailer also plans to sell a smartphone game clip that is compatible with the Xbox controller. For all intents and purposes, Walmart’s push into cloud gaming could have been pretty interesting. And it could still be if the company plans to launch it.

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