Vivaldi browser with ad blocker: fast and private 3.6.2178.47 APK Download by Vivaldi Technologies

Vivaldi is a new private web browser with a built-in ad blocker, tracking protection, and useful built-in features. Browse with unique desktop-style tabs, end-to-end encrypted sync, dark and private mode. Download for free and browse fast, take notes in the browser, and capture full screenshots.

⛔️ Block ads and trackers
Block ads and stop trackers from following you around the web for more private and secure browsing. Keep privacy up front and say goodbye to annoying video ads, pop-ups and creepy trackers when browsing with Vivaldi.

Play with a flexible user interface
Give your browser a unique look with Vivaldi’s flexible user interface (UI). Navigate dark / light modes using new desktop-style tabs and keep essential tools close at hand.

🕵️‍♂️ Private browsing
Keep your browsing history discreet by using private tabs for private browsing – searches, sites visited, cookies and temporary files will not be stored by Vivaldi.

🛠 Easily manage tabs
Quickly swipe to find open tabs, private private browsing tabs, and tabs that you recently closed in the browser or opened on another synced device.

🔄 Bring your data with you
Securely sync your passwords, bookmarks, notes and keep your browsing data private between devices using end-to-end encryption with your own servers in Iceland.

🏃‍♀️ Go faster
Keep your favorite sites close at hand and browse faster by adding custom speed dials to the new tab page.

📝 Take notes
Jot down ideas by creating notes as you browse the web and sync them securely between your devices.

📸 Instant screenshots
Take a full screenshot of any website or take a snapshot of the visible area of ​​any web page while browsing. Share.

🔎 Instantly change search engines
Use search engine nicknames to quickly swap search engines while typing in Vivaldi’s address field. For example, type “d” to select DuckDuckGo or “w” for Wikipedia.

🕹 Have fun and play Vivaldia
Vivaldia is a real 80s style arcade racer game built into Vivaldi browser. Play online and offline on your mobile and computer. Includes gamepad holder.

Vivaldi browser features
• Free private browser
• Encrypted synchronization
• Ad blocker
• Screenshot
• Speed ​​dial shortcuts for favorites
• Notes with rich text support
• Private tabs
• Dark mode
• Favorites manager
• Recently closed tabs
• Search engine nicknames
• Reader mode
• Clone tab
• Download manager

Download for free and browse faster with the new Vivaldi web browser. Leave a review on the browser and its features and let us know what you think.

About the Vivaldi web browser
We believe that many people want to customize and modify every square inch of their web browser to make it their own. They want access to useful tools without sacrificing speed, privacy, or security. And they want to be heard.

That’s why we create a fast, powerful and flexible browser. A browser that respects your privacy and does not follow you. A browser that adapts to you, not the other way around.

The Vivaldi web browser is also available for free on desktops running Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Learn more about the Vivaldi Navigator and our mission by visiting

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