Video of Kyrie Irving stomping on Celtics logo sparks NBA debate on Twitter over ‘classless act’

Video of Kyrie Irving stomping on Celtics logo sparks NBA debate on Twitter over ‘classless act’

It’s clear that Kyrie Irving still has some animosity towards the Celtics organization.

As Irving scored 39 and saw his Nets push the Celtics to the brink of elimination on Sunday night with a 141-126 win, things started to get more choppy on the floor. And although Boston never concluded the game, the TD Garden crowd continued to rain chants of “F — you Kyrie” on their former star throughout the contest.

Irving ended up having the last word with the victory. But after the game was over and the team left, Irving did something that angered some Boston fans. He appeared to stomp on the Celtics logo, known as Lucky the Leprechaun, as he left court.

Sports fans take their logos personally. We’ve seen this in the past when Baker Mayfield planted an Oklahoma flag in the middle of the Ohio State midfielder logo after a Sooners win and when Terrell Owens celebrated a touchdown on the Cowboys logo in the middle of the field.

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Now Celtics fans, including all-time Boston greats Cedric Maxwell, are wondering why Irving felt the need to perform the “classless act” after the game.

That said, just as many defend Irving’s actions and took time to support the Nets star and joke about his post-game antics.

In the grand scheme of things, that’s not a big deal. And Irving’s actions should in no way be used to justify the actions of a Celtics fan who threw him a water bottle after the game.

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Being at the center of controversy in Boston is nothing new to Irving, who left the team under difficult conditions in 2019. But as he said after the game, he used to be in “hostile environments” and was just happy to win.

“I’ve been in a lot of hostile environments since I was a kid,” Irving said, by Brian Robb from “It’s not the first time in my life that I have to bounce back from one of those types of performances that aren’t typical of me, in terms of a big stage, and I can’t do it alone. So between the last day or two, hanging out with my teammates, hanging out with myself and having conversations to keep me balanced and grounded and going out there and having fun and playing basketball at a high level. .

“I’m grateful that I could put on a uniform and just go play with guys who are very selfless and just wanted to see some good basketball there and we did the little things to help us win.”

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