Valorant is getting a mobile version but not anytime soon

Valorant is getting a mobile version but not anytime soon

Valuing gets a version on mobile devices. Proving once again that companies like Riot Games see the value of the mobile platform. The announcement About Valorant’s mobile release came as part of Valorant’s first anniversary.

And while that’s probably great news for fans of the game who also appreciate mobile as a gaming platform, the launch is probably far from ready. That said, development may not take too long. Riot could already be considered a seasoned mobile developer.

He knows the ins and outs of scaling a mobile game using League Of Legends: Savage Rift. And it will undoubtedly take that expertise and apply it to Valorant. But don’t expect the game to appear anytime soon.

A mobile version of Valorant won’t arrive until at least mid-2022

Riot has not confirmed any date for the game’s launch. What he has said is that Valorant has been more quickly viable for mobiles than consoles. For which Riot is also planning a release. This means gamers should be able to see some form of the game in a playable state by next year.

Riot says he hopes to see something like this in Valorant’s sophomore year. It is the middle of 2022. It is also only a speculative reference period. And any sort of playable state of the game, from alphas and betas to a fully released version, could end up materializing in 2023 or later.

Valuing on phones will be a unique experience

Riot doesn’t share much information about the game at the moment. It is however underlined that the mobile version will be a unique experience.

It will not be just a port of the PC version. Instead, Riot is doing what it did with League Of Legends: Wild Rift. Build the game from scratch for mobile devices. Making sure the game is able to deliver everything Riot considers essentials.

The mobile version of Valorant will have no impact on the PC version. And there will also be no cross play between the two platforms.

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