Updated telegram with enhanced voice conversations, aimed at outperforming the clubhouse

Telegram has published the Voice Chats 2.0 which includes new features and improved performance. The latest version is intended to compete with Clubhouse.

The rapid growth of Clubhouse has prompted other apps to seek out voice chat. Even some big companies like Google and Facebook plan to add this functionality to their applications. But in the meantime, Telegram is working more seriously on voice chats and has just released the second version of its voice chats.

New features make Telegram a serious competitor to Clubhouse

In the new version, voice chats are also available on channels, and a bunch of new features are added to make it more attractive. The first thing is unlimited voice chats which allow admins and public groups to run live events without any limits for joined users. Telegram thinks it’s like reinventing radio for the 21st century.

Voice chats can be informative and exciting at times, but some users may lose the chance to participate. In Voice Chats 2.0, admins can record conversations and post recorded audio for users who missed it. The recorded event will be available in Recorded messages right after the recording ends. In addition, if the administrator decides to record the event, other users will be noticed with a red light.

The next function is Raise hands which participants can use to request permission to speak. This is useful during silent events. Additionally, Telegram’s bio is now visible to other event attendees. This is a great opportunity to showcase your areas of expertise.

For users who want to invite others to an event, admins can share invitation links. The links are divided into two types of speaker and listener, and guests can participate in the event depending on their accessibility. The title of the event will also be shown to guests.

Telegram also provided the option to join with a personal account title or channel title. It’s good for some famous people who don’t want to be recognized and receive a flood of messages.

Other features added in the new update include resume playback for long voices, customization of left swipe in the discussion list, and a new message forwarding option.

Voice chats are coming to more apps

The Clubhouse is currently only available to iOS users, and new users can join through invite links. But it will not be forever. The company said it was working on the Android version to extend their reach.

Of course, the voice chat battleground will have new players in the near term. Twitter just published the “Spaces” function which works exactly like Clubhouse. Instagram also has a similar feature called “Live Rooms”, which allows video streaming with up to three users.

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