Twitter will no longer crop your images, and that’s great

Twitter decided to tackle image cropping problems with no longer cropping your images. Sounds like a simple fix, doesn’t it? Well, yes, and this might be the best as it will solve the problem.

Twitter will no longer crop your images, it is testing a solution

Twitter is currently testing this solution, and that means the image you see when posting is the image that will appear on the feed. It will not be cropped to fit a certain frame. This means that a part will not be cut.

Why was this a problem? Well you end up posting something, which is in portrait mode, no. Much of it is cut off, to fit a certain aspect ratio, and the end product ends up missing the entire point of the image. You can see an example below.

4K image downloads are also being tested

In addition to that, the company is also testing downloading 4K images on Android and iOS. This is all part of a larger effort “to improve the way you can share and view media on Twitter”.

Changing the image crop should eliminate some additional issues for Twitter. A while ago, Twitter said its neural network for automatically cropping images had been tested for racial bias, following reports of issues with it. He did not find any problems, but indicated that he needed to do more analysis.

It’s quite clear that this change will fix several issues for Twitter, so let’s hope the company sticks to them. The two features we talked about are currently in testing.

We don’t know when the changes will be applied to all users

With that in mind, note that the images on your side may still be cropped. They can also end up being compressed. Both features should be rolled out for everyone, but they appear to be limited to specific users at this time. Twitter said it doesn’t know when the features will hit all users.

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