Twitter subscription plans now include scrolling ad removal service

Twitter subscription plans now include scrolling ad removal service

Twitter has now acquired the Scroll ad removal service, which will eventually be integrated into its upcoming subscription service. It is based on reports, detailing Twitter’s plans for the service.

According to Twitter, most of the Scroll will be left untouched. Namely, working as a way to access news from participating outlets without advertising. Instead, the ads will be paid for in part from the money paid for the subscription. However, the social media giant won’t necessarily use all parts of Scroll, either.

Nuzzle, a Scroll service that serves daily emails, including top stories shared by people in users’ Twitter feeds, is going to “come to an end.”

This does not necessarily mean that Nuzzle will go away completely. But, as Twitter only says it will bring ‘the basics’ to its subscription service over time, Nuzzle is a part of Scroll that won’t be there right away. And that service will also be closed on May 6, according to reports.

Scrolling under the paid Twitter subscription will benefit more than just readers

Now, Scroll will do more than benefit those who subscribe to the next paid Twitter service. In fact, according to the source, Scroll easily generates more revenue for participating news outlets than advertisements. So in addition to removing advertising content for readers, news organizations will also benefit. And, in fact, they will benefit more from Scroll than from showing ads to those users.

But it seems to come at a cost. Specifically, while Scroll will benefit Twitter followers in the app and online it will likely disappear on the wider web.

How will Twitter implement this?

As of yet, Twitter has not detailed exactly what form Scroll will take in its service. Or what features of Nuzzle will be available on Twitter. The company says the plans are still in their early stages, with more news on the matter expected later in the year. Either way, it will likely join other inbound features, such as the ability to cancel sending tweets and other premium features.

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