Twitter plans to add more reactions to tweets, similar to Facebook

Twitter plans to add more reactions to tweets, similar to Facebook

Twitter is would have working on many new tweet reactions that allow users to express their feelings about a tweet.

Renowned researcher Jane Manchun Wong is once again spotting this new feature. She’s always on top of the news when it comes to new Twitter features. According to her recent tweet, Twitter will add new “Cheer”, “Hmm”, “Sad”, “Haha” as new reactions to its platform. Of course, the feature is still in development, and even “Sad” and “Cheer” don’t have proper icons.

Twitter wants to add more interactive reactions

Now, likes are the only reaction you can show to a tweet. The Like itself was added in 2015 as a replacement for the Favorites. At the time, Twitter said that using likes instead of favorites increased user engagement with the platform. Of course, older Twitter users didn’t react positively to the change initially, but accepted it later.

This change made Twitter more similar to Facebook. Now, using new reactions, Twitter is more like Facebook than ever. Facebook is currently using similar reactions. Additionally, adding new reactions to tweets may initially confuse users and they start to complain. But they will have to deal with it over time.

Twitter is undergoing a transformation

In recent months, there has been a lot of news about the changes to Twitter and the addition or removal of certain features. It’s clear that Twitter is taking off, and to attract new users and retain existing users, it must continue to innovate.

Dates back to February, some sources reported that Twitter was moving to a subscription model. Now, Twitter’s blue subscription is out and users can take advantage of new features for just $ 2.99 per month. Features include unsending tweets and removing advertisements.

Adding a failover option was another feature spotted by prognosticators. Tips may be limited to those who have paid to upgrade their account.

Also, in one of the latest changes, Twitter started check eligible accounts after months of delay. However, the company has halted the verification process due to the high volume of requests, but will be doing it again in the coming weeks.

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