Twitter could soon launch the paid program “Super Follows”

Twitter could soon launch the paid program “Super Follows”

Twitter is working on a new feature called Super Follows that would allow users to charge their followers for accessing additional content. The company announced this plan in February of this year. It looks like the biggie social network has made significant strides in the past few months. Application Researcher Jane Manchun Wong shared screenshots revealing what the new feature will look like. Twitter is apparently preparing to start testing Super Follows among a small group of users ahead of launch.

Twitter could be about to launch Super Follows feature

According to Wong, Twitter’s Super Follows feature will only be available to users who are at least 18 years old, have at least 10,000 followers, and have posted at least 25 tweets in the past 30 days. Eligible users can join this program allowing their subscribers to subscribe to exclusive content. Super Subscribers will likely be charged $ 4.99 per month to access additional content. They will get special recognition with labels that will set them apart from the rest of the followers.

Speaking of content, Wong’s research reveals that Super Follows users can choose from different categories to describe their content. The list includes sports, news, photography, music, film & TV, health & fitness, podcasts, tech, fashion, games, and more.

They can also choose one or more platforms on which to create exclusive content for their Super Followers. The options here include Facebook, Patreon, Twitch, YouTube, and a few more. As Wong notes, “adult content” and “fans only” are also the options for content categories and content platforms respectively.

Super Follows users should also describe how they plan to use the feature. Like what exclusive content they will be offering to their super subscribers etc. An optional feature further allows users to provide their demographic information including ethnicity / race and gender identity. Twitter says it will use this information to analyze the diversity of the creators of the Super Follows program.

It’s unclear when Twitter plans to officially launch the Super Follows program. The latest leak suggests the company is very close to it. Once the new feature goes live, it will provide users with another monetization tool on the platform.

Last month he started testing Tip jar, which allows users to tip (one-time direct payments) to their favorite creators or personalities on Twitter. Users can make payment through several supported payment options including Cash App and PayPal. While Twitter does not take a share of the Tip Jar payments, it will likely require a commission on the Super Follows subscription. We will have to wait for official confirmation on this.

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