Twitter allows downloading of 4K images from mobile apps for all users

Twitter allows downloading of 4K images from mobile apps for all users

Twitter finally lets users tweet and view high-resolution images on mobile applications. A server-side update to the Android and iOS Twitter apps now allows users to upload and view up to 4K resolution images on the platform.

You can activate the feature by accessing the “Data Usage” section of the Settings menu of the Twitter application. You can then choose when to download higher resolution images – over Wi-Fi only, over Wi-Fi and cellular data, or never. It’s set to ‘never’ by default so you won’t unknowingly end up wasting your limited cellular data uploading 4K images to Twitter.

The same three options are also available for viewing high resolution images. However, it is set to “both mobile data and Wi-Fi” by default. So if you are on a limited data plan, you might want to change this setting on Wi-Fim only or never. This setting allows you to select when the Twitter app will automatically upload 4K images.

Under these two settings, you will find similar options to download and watch high quality videos. Unfortunately, Twitter isn’t doing anything to improve the app’s appalling video quality yet. It uses extremely aggressive compression for videos and the resolution reaches just 720p. Now that it has fixed the low resolution picture issue on mobile apps, we hope the company is making efforts to improve video quality as well.

Twitter finally fixes its problem with low-resolution images on mobile applications

Twitter has long supported uploading and viewing high resolution images (up to 4096 x 4096 resolution) on the web version. Downloads from mobile apps, on the other hand, reached a resolution of 2048 x 2048. The company has started testing this. Downloading 4K Images option on mobile applications among a small group of users last month. Now a month later it is deployment functionality to all users.

Twitter also announced last month that it had started testing another new feature where it wouldn’t crop images on the timeline. “The way the image appears in the Tweet Composer is how it will look on the timeline – bigger and better,” the company said. This feature is apparently still being tested with a few Android and iOS app users. It should be rolled out to more users in the coming weeks.

Additionally, Twitter is also testing a way to let users watch YouTube videos right on the timeline. Users do not need to leave the platform to watch YouTube videos. This feature is also expected to be widely rolled out to users in the future. Twitter says all of these changes are part of a larger push “to improve the way you can share and view media” on the platform.

Download view of Twitter 4K images

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