Twitch and Facebook Gaming See Rise in Watch Streaming Hours

Twitch and Facebook Gaming See Rise in Watch Streaming Hours

Due to the pandemic that hit in 2020, the two Tic and Facebook Gaming has seen a massive increase in streaming hours watched. According to a new report released by StreamElements and People were no longer at home and needed something to do to occupy their time.

At the start of the pandemic, it was not possible to travel much (even locally) thanks to the lockdown orders, which made it much easier to stay home and check out a number of live streams on Twitch. for Facebook Gaming.

Both streaming websites performed very well last year. Although Twitch is still the biggest platform by far.

Twitch and Facebook Gaming increase 80% on average during pandemic

Over the past year, both streaming platforms have seen a huge increase in viewing hours. It should be mentioned that the figures are based on year over year.

So this is the number of hours of streaming watched at this time compared to the same period last year. According to the report, Twitch and Facebook games saw an increase of about 80% on average. On an individual level, Twitch saw an increase in this particular statistic of around 82%. While Facebook Gaming saw a 78% increase.

For Facebook Gaming, which was one of the smaller platforms before Mixer’s shutdown, that translated to roughly 345 million hours of viewing. Compared to this period last year which was 193 million hours watched.

For Twitch, the bump has grown from around 1 billion viewing hours to nearly 2 billion, more precisely 1.86 billion.

Viewership is not expected to drop back to last year’s numbers

Momentum may or may not continue to increase. But one thing StreamElements seems confident about is viewership numbers that aren’t expected to drop back to the lower numbers of last year.

In other words, he expects people to continue watching more live streams of games on these two platforms. Even if they do not continue to increase beyond the annual figures. They could and probably will remain higher than they were last year.

While the numbers are not back to where they were at the same time last year, it is highly likely that as more people get vaccinated and are more able to spend more time away from home, the hours of surveillance are reduced somewhat.

What will be interesting is whether Facebook Gaming is able to maintain enough popularity to help its viewing hours overtake YouTube Gaming. Which has been the second largest platform behind Twitch for quite some time.

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