Twins’ Tyler Duffey blames Yermin Mercedes for breaking unwritten MLB rule

Twins’ Tyler Duffey blames Yermin Mercedes for breaking unwritten MLB rule

White Sox manager Tony La Russa was right: have been consequences of Yermin Mercedes’ 3-0 report against the Twins on Monday.

It’s another of MLB’s unwritten rules – not hitting a home run on a 3-0 count while blasting your opponent – that Mercedes didn’t seem to care about breaking. And why would he do it? Well, Twins reliever Tyler Duffey answered that question at Tuesday’s teams meeting when he threw himself behind Mercedes’ legs.

The retaliatory pitch came in the seventh inning, with the White Sox leading 4-2. Before the pitch, he had shown no previous problems on the mound. Duffey was sent off, as was manager Rocco Baldelli, who came out to argue with referee Jim Reynolds:

AFTER: The future of MLB, if we’re lucky, won’t include La Russa-esque’s defense of unwritten rules

This is a good message to send to future generations of potential baseball players: play by these outdated unwritten rules or prepare to face the most likely consequences in the form of a flying pitch at your head, your body. or your legs.

La Russa called Mercedes “distraught” for her “big mistake” violating the unwritten MLB rule, but didn’t seem to have a problem with Duffey throwing at her player:

“I have no problem with the way the Twins handled it,” he said after the game.

Mercedes rightly disagree with his coach ahead of Tuesday’s game, pointing out that, again, this is just one game.

“I’m going to play like this. I’m Yermin,” Mercedes said. “I can’t be another person because if I change that, everything will change. … We’re just having fun. It’s baseball.”

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