Top US Telehealth App Installs Grows 33% YoY in Q1 2021

Top US Telehealth App Installs Grows 33% YoY in Q1 2021

Wellness-focused mobile apps had a banner year in 2020, and the category is expected to exceeds one billion installations this year. However, just as the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic affected consumer behavior, the mobile landscape could change in response to the reopening of in-person spaces such as gyms. Sensor Tower 2021 Wellness Apps Status Report, available now, is a deep dive into mobile wellness trends during the ongoing pandemic as well as the performance of subcategories such as meditation and training apps in the first quarter of 2021.

Telehealth downloads soar 33% year-on-year in Q1 2021

While COVID-19 has supercharged a number of wellness subcategories in the United States, some, such as running and cycling apps, have returned to pre-pandemic levels. Telehealth, on the other hand, has experienced steady growth. This continued success suggests that telehealth may not be easily supplanted even if in-person medical visits become possible.

Telehealth adoption has remained consistently high since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The top 10 telehealth apps in the United States saw their first installations climb 33% year-on-year to 7 million in the first quarter of 2021. MyChart led the subcategory, reaching a record 1.1 million downloads in January.

MAU growth of leading U.S. wellness apps peaked at 44% year over year

Major US wellness apps saw strong adoption in April 2020, with most countries adopting shelter-in-place orders. This led to a 44% year-over-year increase in the number of monthly active users for these top apps in April.

Monthly growth in active users of major U.S. wellness apps remains high, but not as high as the pandemic began in April 2020.

Monthly usage of these apps remains high, but not as high as before. In January 2021, monthly active users of these apps were up 26% year on year. While that growth appeared to contract in March, this is likely due to the disproportionate growth seen at the start of the pandemic. The MAUs of major applications in March increased another 16% year-on-year.

Wellness apps are on the rise in Europe

European consumers spent a record $ 544 million in mobile health and fitness apps in 2020 and in the first quarter of 2021, the wellness category as a whole experienced continuous growth. In January 2021, the 100 top-grossing wellness apps in Europe topped $ 45 million in consumer spending, up 134% year-on-year.

The main wellness applications are on a continuous rise in Europe.

Much of this growth has been driven by in-app subscriptions, as 96 of the top 100 top-grossing wellness apps now include the option of recurring payments. Worldwide consumer spending in major subscription apps has grown every year and the wellness category seems to benefit significantly from this model.

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