Top 5 Food Delivery App Features That Nobody Talks About

Top 5 Food Delivery App Features That Nobody Talks About

Food delivery is one of the most common business trends in 2021. As time progresses, food delivery service improves and is booming. With this blog, we will highlight the top five features of food ordering application development that nobody talks about. So, are you ready to explore?

Can’t wait to build a food delivery app?

Everyone wants their food delivery app designed to run their restaurant more smoothly and cost effectively. But how would you beat the competition? Do you have any idea how these third party food delivery apps keep upgrading their stuff to provide the best features to their existing users? When you want to develop food ordering app, you need to keep in mind these features to make your app different.

But before that, let’s take a look at the food delivery statistics, which have been steadily rising since the Covid-19 pandemic. Yes, the food delivery industry has experienced a huge boom since the pandemic wave.

In other words, we can sum up by saying that downloads of food delivery apps have increased during the pandemic. The demand for the development of food ordering applications has increased because more and more business owners are eager to serve the food industry, obviously after reviewing the information of this income-generating business.

5 unexplained features of the food delivery app

We are all familiar with the standard food delivery features such as social media login, adding or changing delivery address, real-time GPS tracking, adding items to cart, secure payment , etc. But there are many other features that add beauty to your food delivery app. Let’s discuss the same.

1. Repeat / plan order

This is indeed one of the coolest features of the food delivery app. When you are developing a food ordering app, you should discuss it with the developer of your food delivery app. Here, the option of repeating or scheduling the order works as follows.

Repeat Command: When you give your users an exclusive option to repeat commands, you allow users to repeat any of the previous commands just by scrolling through the command history. It is best for executives who wish to have the same lunch or dinner at the office or at home. Indeed, one of the best features to help customers save time on ordering their food online. In our opinion, this is one of the best features to integrate while you discuss your next food delivery application development process.

Schedule Order: This exclusive feature allows the customer to plan their food delivery order in advance. Say, for example, you have a busy day and chances are you forget to order your food on time. Here the developer of the food delivery app gives you the option to schedule your food delivery order well in advance.

2. Ordering instructions

Now let’s move on to another feature of the process of developing your food ordering app. Everyone has a different taste and a different set of instructions to follow on eating habits.

The ordering instruction function allows the user to enter instructions for the driver or the food application manager. This could be related to the quality of the food, the food accompaniments, the tendency of the food, the delivery of the food, the address, the delivery or any other important things that the manager should know before preparing. or deliver the customer’s food.

3. Customize the food

When you want to develop food ordering apps like Zomato or Postmates, you need to make sure that you allow your customers to personalize the food before adding it to checkout. This specific feature works best for outlets like pizza, cafeteria, food combos, etc. Here, the customer has the opportunity to personalize the food according to their preferred toppings and sides.

4. Track order history

For the food ordering app development process, you need to make sure that each customer’s food delivery order is reflected on their app in order history. Scrolling through the order history allows the customer to place repeat orders faster. This is one of the most important features to integrate into your next or existing food delivery app.

5. Real-time order review

Let’s talk about this feature that nobody talks about in town! When we allow our customers to track orders in real time, we must allow them to have the function of real time order review. Here, customers can place the order received before opening the package. It should be related to food products received, delivery time and punctuality, etc.

This helps the food app owner get the most authentic food handling and delivery reviews. It should include the options to add videos, audio files or photographs to receive more authentic comments. Real-time order review helps the user to rate the food outlet with the most authentic ratings, which helps improve or grow.


For food ordering application development, the above features are the most unknown and the most unique. It will help you if you chat with the developer of your food delivery app to integrate these features to keep your app ahead of the competition.

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