Top 5 features of on-demand food delivery app like UberEats for success

It is the era of mobile solutions and everyone must have an application for the growth of their business. And mobile on-demand applications are particularly in demand in the mobile solution categories. Uber has changed the entire landscape of the service industry, so it’s no wonder its UberEats on-demand food delivery app is among the most successful on-demand food delivery apps. His study reveals many features that can be implemented in any on-demand food delivery application. We have rated the top 5 features of on-demand food delivery app like UberEats to be successful.

Simple and intuitive user interface

The first thing you notice as soon as you open the UberEats is its clean and intuitive user interface (UI). User interface is the part of the application through which users interact with the application and request services. It is therefore considered to be the most important element of the application for its success. If the user interface is clunky or takes a long time to load, the user experience will be hampered. More … than 50% of users will not open the app the second time if their first experience is not good. And more than 80% of users won’t give an app a third chance if it can’t find what it wants in two tries.

Therefore the On-demand food delivery app must have a well-designed user interface. You have to load everything very quickly. The user should be able to navigate easily and find what they want. The on-demand food delivery app needs to include all of these things in its user interface.

Organized offers and promotions

Who doesn’t want to save time and money? Both are very important to everyone and they will come back to you if you help them save time and money.

To save time, a On-demand food delivery app should display all relevant items to users as soon as they open the app. The on-demand food delivery app needs to be smart enough to organize an interesting list of products based on users’ age, gender, location, time of day, and history some orders. The connection to the social network and the creation of a profile will allow you to access the age and gender of the users. The GPS functionality will help to get the location information of the user. These two features must therefore be integrated into your On-demand food delivery app. With built-in artificial intelligence (AI), the app can be more accurate in predicting these things.

It is more important for users to save money to come back to your app. If you offer them a good deal, promo codes, seasonal offers, loyalty points and loyalty bonuses, users will surely come back. Word of mouth will increase customer retention and growth.

Order planning

One of the unique features of UberEats is its order planning feature. You can order food well in advance. You can reserve your meal a week in advance using UberEats. This is especially handy when a user doesn’t want to waste time ordering the same thing over and over again. He can order food for a whole week with just a few clicks using a On-demand food delivery app like UberEats. It will surely increase your business and the retention rate will be great as well. The repeat ordering option and one-click ordering will also help your business and improve user experience (UX).

Easy payment options

Payments are the most important part of any business, from a business owner’s perspective. This also tends to be the last part of placing the order. If a customer has problems processing their payment or sees something they don’t know, they won’t try to pay for the third time. To make the checkout process very efficient and easy to use, a customer should have all the payment options available in the market listed in the on-demand food delivery app for your business.

You can integrate all payment gateways and wallet services such as PayPal, iOS Wallet, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Stripe, credit card, debit card, online banking, and (in some countries) home payment options. delivery. You can also offer promotional codes and the use of the promotional code from the same page.

Real-time GPS tracking of delivery

GPS services are now also available in basic multifunction phones. So, all smartphone users expect a GPS tracking feature for their on-demand service app. The on-demand food delivery app is particularly in demand as customers always check the delivery status when they are hungry. Real-time GPS tracking of delivery is not a unique feature of UberEats as most On-demand food delivery apps like Doordash and Grubhub offer it. But UberEats delivers it with perfection.

UberEats offers delivery anywhere, including public places like parks and hospitals. Thus, it is useful not only to customers, but also to delivery drivers. Customers and couriers can easily locate each other in such situations. So often it’s not about offering something unique but offering the same with perfection that helps.

Best on-demand food delivery app development company.

As of 2019, the main features of an on-demand food delivery app are:

There are three applications, in general, to be developed to process the action, namely Customer, Restaurant and Driver.

The main functionalities of the client application are:

  • Social media connection
  • Browse the restaurant and the dishes
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Secure and easy payment options

The main features of the Restaurant application are:

  • Availability toggle
  • Easily add offers
  • Automatic dispatch of delivery
  • Order status

The main features of the Driver application are:

  • Delivery manager status
  • Navigation in the application
  • Revenue from delivery executives
  • Employment history

At the end

It turns out that IoT and On-demand service applications One of the main features of Web 3.0 is that your restaurant business should have an on-demand food delivery app. But having an app is not enough for the success and growth of your business. The app must have the features mentioned above to improve the user experience. It is also imperative that you choose the experts to develop your On-demand food delivery app.

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