Top 5 Android games coming in 2021

There are plenty of exciting upcoming versions ready to download and play on your Android device this year. From action games to online multiplayer games, there are many different genres to look forward to. Whatever your preference for mobile gaming, the list below has something for everyone.

The following article will examine five of the strongly anticipates outings or currently available in 2021. The games featured in this article are at various stages of development, some of which have yet to reveal official release dates.

FAU-G by nCore Games

This action mobile game for Android devices has come at the perfect time for many. Shortly after PUBG Mobile and its light version were banned by the Indian government, Indian publisher NCore Games revealed its new version. FAU-G stands for Fearless and United-Guards and bears a striking resemblance to PUBG Mobile.

The new game is part of the Atma Nirbhar initiative designed to encourage self-reliance in the country’s game development industry. The developers of the game have confirmed that 20% of the profits generated by the game will go to a charity known as Bharat Ke Veer which helps Indian soldiers and their relatives.

The game features combat similar to PUBG and offers great entertainment value. For users outside of India, this is still a great alternative to the more well-known title and worth a try.

League of Legends: Wild Rift by Riot Games

Over the years, LOL has achieved international success in countries such as Russia, UK, America, India and Germany. What may surprise you though, is the vast majority of these adult gamers live casino games. Most of them are run by Android in terms of popular devices, OS systems used to access.

The popular online multiplayer battle arena (MOBA) franchise is releasing its latest iteration in League of Legends: Wild Rift. Many fan-favorite champions will return in this latest release with new faces.

There are several promising leaks at the time of writing, which is giving fans something to get excited about. The main game mode will be based on the traditional 5v5 format and take place on the new Wild Rift. The controls will be modified for mobile use but the monsters will be typical with somewhat modified hero kits.

Closed betas are currently available in several regions of the world. Many popular features seen in the PC versions of the game would be included, fans have no doubt been waiting for this mobile adaptation of the hugely popular multiplayer online battle arena game.

Devil May Cry Mobile by Yun Chang Games

The famous action role-playing game franchise is back with its mobile adaptation. CAPCOM devil can cry was developed by Yun Chang Games and would be called The Battle of the Peak.

This fan favorite game features many combos from the original series and will feature a lot of fighting strategies and styles that players know and love. Classic characters will also make a return alongside familiar scenes, weapons, and bosses.

Total War: Elysium by SEGA

Total War: Elysium is a free to play game developed by Creative Assembly (which specializes in the collectible card game genre) in collaboration with SEGA. The developers claim that this game is for fans of collectible card games and strategy. The new version has a historical theme and sees players compete one-on-one online. Build your expert deck to fight in fun and exciting battles. The cards are based on various historical figures like generals and famous warriors.

As of this writing, the game is still in closed beta, but you can sign up through the official site. A release date remains to be confirmed but the game will be available on PC as well as Android.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II – THE SITH LORDS by Aspyr

This role-playing game is part of one of the most popular franchises in the world. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II – THE SITH LORDS offers an immersive experience in the Star Wars universe.

This game was recently released and is now available on Android devices. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II – THE SITH LORDS has been well received by fans and critics alike. The story takes place 4000 years before the first film in the series. Players control an banished Jedi knight who must choose the light side or the dark side to triumph.

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