To-Do Adventure Gamifies productivity by letting you create a virtual world

To-Do Adventure Gamifies productivity by letting you create a virtual world

That’s the basic premise of To-Do Adventure, a nifty productivity app that plays on being great, making it easier and more enjoyable than ever to be your best self.

Here’s how it works: First, you just need to create a task for yourself. You can add whatever you want by tapping the + icon, then set a loose deadline of Today, Tomorrow, Custom, or just One day.

You can also place your task in one of the four predefined categories or create your own custom category. Of course, you can also set reminders, choose how often they repeat and add your own notes.

Everything is completely transparent and intuitive, but the best part is what comes next. Every time you complete a task, you add a new hex block to your island, filling your beautiful little virtual world with new things.

As you progress through your new productive life, you will also earn coins and unlock new themes, while your unfinished tasks are represented as broken bridges, incomplete slides, and more. The more you do in To-Do Adventure, the richer the experience.

Developed by Fourdesire, the award-winning studio behind equally healthy and acclaimed apps like Plant Nanny, Walkr, and Fortune City, To-Do Adventure is for students, freelancers, new parents, and just about anyone looking to streamline their lives.

The rationalization has become even more important since the current pandemic began to impose waves of lockdowns, forcing many of us to juggle a lot more activity than usual.

Anyone who has spent the past few months trying to manage child care and home schooling besides working from home, keeping fit, and walking the dog knows they need all the help they can get.

You can download To-Do Adventure for free now on the App Store and google play. To find out more, find To-Do Adventure on Instagram and Facebook.

You can also use coupon code AAgift to get 60 extra coins – here’s how:
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2. Go to the Settings page in the app (the first button at the bottom right)
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