TikTok searches for advertisers and reveals how subscribers use the app

TikTok searches for advertisers and reveals how subscribers use the app

According to Phone Areana (Going through Music company in the world), TikTok is looking for advertisers for the Global and US versions of the app. This means that TikTok is looking for potential advertisers to showcase its TIC Tac for business services at. As a result, some of the information that TikTok advertisers might use has come to light.

TikTok’s pitch deck was leaked online. This leak shows TikTok audience information. TikTok figures show that it has 732 million monthly active users. 100 million of these users are in the United States alone.

Now keep in mind that these numbers are over six months old, which means the numbers could be much higher. The lawsuit the company faced last year against the government showed that the app gained 14.3 million users between July and October 2020.

If you do a little math, if the numbers continue to grow at this rate, the social media platform could have over a billion monthly active users by May 2022. That’s a lot of users. to be had on a monthly basis. TikTok presents various data to advertisers.

Some of this data should inspire advertisers to invest in the direction of TikTok. According to the pitch deck, 47% of users said they bought something they saw on TikTok. In the past, 67% of users said they found inspiration for shopping through TikTok.

This is good to know for advertisers because they know that there is potential to promote their products or services to users. Mainly because 67% of users weren’t looking for anything to buy originally. By being on TikTok, they found the inspiration to buy something.

TikTok is looking for advertisers both globally and in the US

The pitch deck also reveals demographics that show the ages of active users. 42% of active users were between 18 and 24 years old. Users aged 13 to 17 accounted for 17% of active users.

Users between 25 and 34 years old represent 22% of users and 12% are between 34 and 44 years old. Finally, for users over 45, they represent 7% of monthly active users. These users open TikTok 19 times per day, but it is not clear whether they are global or only US users.

In terms of average viewing time, the average TikTok user watches the app for 89 minutes per day. This information is correct last January. TikTok is “the most entertaining platform” according to 80% of users.

TikTok has been on a huge growth path since the pandemic and is competing with Instagram in terms of functionality. Even when the app faced a ban, it was still growing and staying in the spotlight.

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