TikTok Q&A helps you interact with creators more easily

TikTok is now would have roll out a brand new question-and-answer feature for its app. Designed to make it easier for content developers and subscribers to interact, the new feature does exactly what its branding implies. It offers users and content creators a clean user interface for asking and posting questions and answers.

Of course, the creators of TikTok often already answer questions in the comments via tools that allow it. Namely, to respond with a video to specific comments. But the new features provide everything needed to make it easier. Keeping TikTok one step ahead of the competition.

It also gives them the tools to avoid answering the same questions over and over again.

What exactly does TikTok Q&A do then?

The headlining feature here is, of course, the separate “Q&A” tab added to content creator profiles. This provides easy access for viewers and creators when it comes to keeping tabs on questions already answered. And it provides a quick place for subscribers to both check a previous answer and post new questions.

Apart from that, commentators on the videos will now also have a “?” Dedicated. button. This allows them to turn their comment into tagged and sortable questions. Or at least, these are sortable in that content creators can filter them out of the mess of remaining comments with just the push of a button. This allows content creators to view the questions for themselves and choose which ones to create video responses to.

In live broadcasts, similar functionality is in place, allowing creators to share and answer questions in real time.

It’s here now

TikTok’s Q&A features were already known to be under development and being tested last month. So it shouldn’t be too surprising that these are rolling out more widely now. In fact, they should be accessible to everyone with the latest update of the app.

To access the feature, users with creator accounts will need to enable the settings.

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