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TikTok ranks at the top of the app industry as the world’s fastest growing and most downloaded app.

It shapes culture, redefines social media and sparks conversations among its users. For businesses, it can be an advertising haven and can increase brand awareness and user acquisition.

TikTok started out as a short form video maker and sharing app. With the right video advertising, any business can quickly reach large audiences and spot niches without hassle.

The massive number of active users on the platform is what catches the attention of businesses to get involved, create an account and start advertising on the platform. It has 800 million daily users worldwide and over 26 million monthly active users are from the United States. It is widely preferred by people under the age of 30, accounting for 66% of their basic users. Although this trend is changing and slowly attracting more adult users.

The funny, the cute and the grimace

If you are a baby boomer or a millennial, it can seem overwhelming and confusing. But let’s change that, okay?

TikTok is like a vertical, endless variety show. A remix version of Vine, Snapchat and Instagram.

A community social network where hashtags play a big role, content creators are at the heart of the platform and everyone is encouraged to get started.

“For you.” is one of the first features the user will encounter on TikTok. This tab provides content with AI-based technology. As a result, he is constantly learning from what you like. The app is able to recognize the type of content you tend to watch (is it food or puppies?) And gives you recommendations that could be related to it. This creates a bespoke, super complex algorithmic flow based on what the user is interested in. Most importantly, it fuels the ad engine.

The stream expands in all directions, providing endless recommendations, and is filled with an eclectic array of talented, creative, and enthusiastic members uploading content ranging from beauty tips and skits to cringey or weirdly satisfying videos, etc. games, dance and comedy.

And now you can even Stitch It! This new feature launched in September allows users to grab clips from other users and embed them into theirs to facilitate video responses, duets, and remixes.

Gen Z users love to engage, however, like any other platform, you will find lurkers and passive users, who lack the confidence or skill to upload their own content while still enjoying the entertainment.

Succeed on TikTok

The key to creating a high performing campaign on TikTok is understanding that the “wow factors” are originality and relatability.

Perfectly “staged” videos work well on other platforms, but TikTok aims to be authentic and users will appreciate that. Be bold and show the humorous and down-to-earth side of your brand. User feedback is quick and plentiful. TikTok allows you to target audiences based on broad demographics, interests, and devices. Use this to understand your potential customer.

Some tips to influence your consumer: Show diverse and creative video ads, repeat regularly, generating small changes that add over time based on performance. Try new approaches. Understand and follow the trends, make a statement and try the road less traveled. Go out and show what makes your brand unique and last but not least, know your audience.

Understanding the TikTok user

When you begin to consider including TikTok as part of your marketing strategy, you should ask yourself the following question: Is your product relevant to the TikTok demographic?

Who is the TikTok user? What are they looking for? Find relevant information below to help you make data-driven decisions about your ad campaign and learn more about the TikTok audience:

Best Practices for Advertising on TikTok

To help you effectively achieve your campaign goals, we include key aspects of high-level TikTok content. These requirements apply to all types of advertising opportunities on TikTok:

  • Familiarize yourself with trending content and use it to your advantage
  • Make sure your video ads are aimed at your target audience.
  • Create content in portrait mode to create a strong visual identity.

Below we include a list of ways you can advertise on TikTok. Check out video examples below for each type of ad product option on TikTok.

1. Native video ads (in-feed)

Use brand storytelling as a TikTok creator with your video ad embedded in the ‘For You’ user feed.

It looks and feels like an Instagram skip story. The CTA will link to a URL landing page, TikTok page, or app download. This provides a lot of data on the impact of the video ad on the audience. Ideal for increasing brand awareness, generating clicks or sales.

The details: Portrait, full screen. Duration: 15 seconds. Automatic sound

2- Top view

You can achieve unique engagement and capture the attention of your audience with premium ad placement.

Your video ad will be the first thing people see when they open the app. TikTok calls it “must-have and distraction-free”. Top views in China generated 25-40% higher CTR than their branded takeover counterparts and often have 50% of views hit 5s

Details: Portrait, full screen. Duration: up to 60 seconds. Its automatic.

3- Brand acquisitions

The short, sweet version of the top view. A video or an image composition of 3 to 5 seconds (static, dynamic, GIF). This type of ad provides a CTA that will lead the user to landing pages, challenges, and hashtags like the Nike or Vans examples below. Ideal to guarantee printing.

Details: Portrait, full screen. Duration: 3 to 5 seconds. Automatic sound activated.

contagious.com (source)

4- Brand lenses

Similar to what you can find on 2D and 3D Snapchat lenses for photos and faces using AR. Fully immersive stickers, filters, and special effects tailored to your brand that users will apply to their videos. They go hand in hand with a #hashtagchallenge (see below). Here are some examples of branded glasses.

tradablebits.com (source)

5 – Hashtag Challenge

TikTok is all about expressing yourself, creating content, and inspiring the community. #Challenge is TikTok’s flagship ad product and in terms of engagement, it ticks all the right boxes. A free invitation for all that allows users to upload their videos around a theme proposed by your brand. This will bring you tons of branded user-generated content, which is highly shareable (which often spans all platforms) and can ultimately go viral. Popular examples of #challenge include: memes, self-care, sanity, comedy. It works best when you can find influencers who match your brand and challenge yourself. Check out TikTok’s Chipotle Lid Flip compilation below

Details: Portrait, full screen. Duration: about 15 seconds Automatic sound activated.

6- Influencer marketing campaigns

Work with influencers. Choose a verified influencer whose audience matches your target market and create a partnership. If your influencer appeals to your demographic, your campaign should be a viral success. By employing an influencer brands don’t need to build an audience and don’t suffer from advertising fatigue, fans will quickly notice your brand or product. Check out 2 Fortnite gaming influencers below, source, TikTok.

tiktok.com (source)

In a word

TikTok has amassed an impressive number of users in a short period of time. Mainly Gen Z users (with a female bias) who are socially aware and find the platform as a hub to express their unique personalities in a relaxed, fun but also meaningful way.

1 billion videos are viewed in a single day in more than 155 countries. It is very likely that your audience is in one of these countries. So how do you go about including TikTok in your marketing strategy? Can we help you? Contact us today!

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