This blue Nintendo Switch Lite can be yours next month

This blue Nintendo Switch Lite can be yours next month

Nintendo is launching a new color for the Nintendo Switch Lite, a dark blue, which it plans to release next month. For anyone looking to add to their collection of all colors or purchase their first Switch console, these should hit stores in the coming weeks.

As expected, the new dark blue color of the Nintendo Switch Lite will be priced at $ 199. Just like other versions of the handheld. This should be expected as this is not a limited edition model of any kind.

By adding this new blue color, Nintendo is expanding the color options to five. You can also choose the Switch Lite in coral, yellow, gray, and turquoise. However, you might have a hard time finding it locally if you live in an area with inventory issues.

Nintendo will launch the Blue Switch Lite on May 21

Are you hoping to get your hands on one of them? Well you won’t have to wait too long as the official launch is taking place May 21.

Nintendo says most major retailers should carry them. So check your local retailers’ stock when you can. If not, you can probably find one quite easily online when May 21 rolls around. Nintendo is also launching a new game on May 21 for the Switch called Miitopia. However, that’s not part of a bundle launch or anything. Nintendo simply made the same release dates.

That said, releasing the two simultaneously was certainly a strategic thing. As Nintendo probably wants to draw more attention to both elements. And that’s a good way to do it.

More colors on the way?

With Nintendo Switch Lite listing up to five colors, some may be wondering if Nintendo plans to launch more colors in the future.

While Nintendo hasn’t really given any clues to suggest this could happen, it is still possible. Considering the pace at which Nintendo is releasing new colors, that won’t necessarily happen anytime soon. If that happens at all.

The company has released many different color and design options for the Switch, however. Which has been available for longer. And Nintendo seems eager to allow gamers a wide variety of options to find the handheld that best suits their personal playstyle.

Nintendo is also rumored to release a new version of the Switch console that comes with a bigger screen.

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