These handy apps will remind you

These handy apps will remind you

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Checkmark is back with a brand new design for iOS 8 and exciting new features including Lists, Place Groups, One-Click Reschedule, Today Widget, and more!

The best of Apple of April 2014
– Apple

“The check mark is definitely worth a look”
– Macworld (staff choice 2014)

“Put your life in order with Checkmark 2”

“One of the most stylish and powerful apps to do”
– Mac Cult

“Checkmark is a great app to make”
– Lifehacker

“A perfectly built application”
– LA Times

“An awesome app to do”
– The Guardian

“He looks fantastic and does the job perfectly.”
– Beautiful pixels

“An incredibly solid application”
– AppAdvice

“Checkmark 2 is a pleasure to use”

“My favorite location based reminders app”
– Shawn White

– – – – WHAT’S NEW IN CHECKMARK 2 – – – –

• The brand new lists are ideal for projects (school or work) or for simple lists (movies and food)

• Location groups – create reminders for multiple locations at once, such as multiple grocery stores

• One-click reprogramming (easily push back a due date by a few minutes, hours or days with a single click)

• Recurring reminders are now customizable

• Reminders based on location and date

• New alert options – choose your favorite sound!

• iCloud support (data saved in the cloud)

– – – – WORK OR FUN LISTS – – – –

Powerful enough to manage projects, but also perfect for everyday activities.

• Super fast entry: just type and press “return” to continuously add tasks

• Use headers to organize your list by category – ideal for project management or for complex shopping and packing lists

• Drag & drop to prioritize and reorganize your list


Create location-based reminders in just 3 clicks!

• Add your favorite locations from a map, your contact list or your current location

• Group multiple locations together – like 3 different grocery stores, and your reminder will go off if you arrive at one of the locations

• Add a timer to location-based reminders, so the alert goes off when you’re ready, for example 15 minutes after you arrive home

• Set up reminders based on date and location, like: “Remind me to take out the trash when I get home from work Thursday”

• View a list of all your tasks, sorted by distance

• Customize your location screen the way you want!

– – – – – – – TIME BASED REMINDERS – – – – – – –

Faster and easier than using a calendar!

• Create date and time based reminders in seconds

• A handy new widget lets you see all reminders due today, right from your lock screen

• One-click reprogramming makes it easy to advance this reminder by minutes, hours or days

• Set up recurring reminders for things you need to do daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or custom!

• Easily identify overdue tasks in the new Overdue section

• Find out what awaits you today, tomorrow and in the next 7 days at a glance

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