The perfect controller for little hands

The perfect controller for little hands

Game controllers these days have become as diverse as keyboard and mouse combos, with the RIG Pro Compact controller being one of the newer options you can choose from.

RIG, a brand under Nacon well known for its line of gaming peripherals, had a vision for a controller dedicated to delivering the best possible experience for high level gaming. Whether you love Esports and a rising star, or just someone who enjoys playing competitive types of matches, the RIG Pro Compact is for you.

But just because it’s made for you doesn’t mean it’s good for you. There are many factors that go into choosing a controller. Is it wired? Wireless? Does it have a button mapping? What platforms is it designed for? These are all things that are worth considering when looking at a controller. Including the RIG Pro Compact.

In this review, we are going to detail the strengths and weaknesses of this controller. This way you can decide if it’s a good fit.

The RIG Pro Compact is designed for small hands

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Let’s eliminate that first because I think it’s probably the most important variable to consider. As the name suggests, this is a controller designed for little hands. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it if you have bigger hands. But because it was designed to be smaller, it may feel a bit too small to you.

For me personally, I don’t prefer this controller size. I thought I would get used to it even after playing with it for a few weeks. As I assumed it only seemed too small at first due to my constant use of bigger controllers DualSense and Xbox Wireless Controllers.

This is however not the case. So keep this in mind if you are planning to purchase the RIG Pro Compact. Because there are good reasons to take it. One notable benefit is that it makes it easier to use your pointer and index finger to hit both the left and right triggers and bumpers. Instead of using just one finger for each set.

Having said that, even though the controller is smaller, it is also a force. Its small size means it will weigh less. Which should mean less fatigue if you plan on squatting for a good long session. This is especially important I think if you play a lot of competitive modes.

Dolby Atmos is really the star here, so use it

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While there are quite a few things about the RIG Pro Compact that grab some attention, the real star of the show is the Dolby Atmos Support. It is the first game controller to provide Dolby Atmos. Plus, it comes with a lifetime license.

For this to work, you need to plug a pair of headphones into the 3.5mm audio port on the controller.

However, there are a few important distinctions to be made here. If you want Dolby Atmos without having to use specialized headphones, you have to use this controller. The beauty of this is that you can plug in any old headset.

Even a pair of inexpensive headphones or on-ear headphones. As long as it’s wired and uses a 3.5mm audio jack, it will work when plugged into the RIG Pro Compact. As it comes with a lifetime Dolby Atmos license, you can use wireless headsets. If this headset has Dolby Atmos.

Another thing you will need is the Dolby Access app for Windows 10 PCs or the Xbox Series X / S. The license can also be transferred. Suppose you have a friend who wants to use this controller. They can plug it into their own PC or Xbox console, then plug in a headset and experience Dolby Atmos if they have the app installed. Which is a really nice touch.

If you’ve never experienced Dolby Atmos before, it’s worth it. Because it makes a huge difference to audio in games. Which leads to a much more immersive and enjoyable experience.

The lack of PlayStation support is a bit of a letdown

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The main downside for me is that the RIG Pro Compact does not support the PlayStation platform. So you cannot use it with PS4 or PS5. Now in most cases I would probably still use the DualSense controller. Especially with its advanced features. And because I prefer wireless controllers.

But there are cases where a wired controller would be beneficial. Namely for the lower latency of the button inputs. Unfortunately, if you mainly play games on PS4 or the PS5, this controller will not be an option for you.

As this will only work with Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, or Windows 10 PCs. The good news is that it works with all three. Even though I no longer own an Xbox, I was still able to take advantage of the functionality of this controller by plugging it into my PC to play.

And while I would like the controller to be slightly larger, adding support for Dolby Atmos and things like textured grips makes for some fun while gaming. Especially the textured handles, as they helped me out when my hands got a little sweaty. Which happens more often than I want to admit because of the heat here.

That said, if you don’t own a PlayStation, that won’t matter to you.

Play lag-free with the super long cable

There is nothing worse than getting some input lag at the most crucial points of your playing time. Perhaps you are in the middle of a shootout with the enemy team, or maybe you are trying to escape a particularly dangerous situation. Either way, having a lag at times like these can put you exactly where you don’t want to be – your character being dead.

You shouldn’t have this problem with the RIG Pro Compact. Because it was designed to provide a lag-free gaming experience. And with its extra long cable, the controller can even extend across the room. Many control cables are approximately 6 feet. You may therefore be limited in its scope. Which is totally fine if you sit a bit closer to the console or PC that the controller is plugged into.

But if you are sitting across the living room on the sofa, depending on the size of the room, 6 feet may not be enough. The RIG Pro Compact cable is 9.8 feet long. Which is probably quite long for most setups.

The cable is also very strong and it is braided. This means I didn’t have to worry about the wear and tear caused by dragging around on the floor or around the edges of my desk or TV stand.

Buttons have a nice tactile feel but can be a bit spongy at times

Overall, the buttons on the controller feel great, but during longer use sessions, repeated pressing of the buttons made them a bit squishy.

It didn’t have a huge impact on the gaming experience. But the buttons didn’t feel as good as they did at the start of a gaming session. It could have been just my controller. And it is also possible that this is just my take after playing for a few hours.

However, I don’t get that feeling when using controllers like the Xbox Wireless Controller or DualSense or DualShock 4. So it’s worth keeping that in mind. The good thing, I don’t think the buttons on the controller have a real problem.

And what they are feeling may just be my personal preference. I would like to reiterate though that the buttons work great and I have never had any issues with them relaying my presses to all the games I have played.

Don’t forget to check the controller customization

One of the main features of this controller apart from Dolby Atmos for headphones is the customization. This includes button mapping, but also includes the ability to customize the sensitivity of the left and right controllers.

There are also presets for certain types of games like racing titles, FPS games for most weapons, FPS games with a sniper, etc. You may not need anything to change. And I would honestly recommend you to try things with the controller default settings. As you can see that you like them very well.

But after a few games, if things look like they could be improved, then this is your next step. To customize the controller, you need the Pro Compact app, which can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store on Windows or Xbox.

This app also allows you to update the controller and reset to default settings. While I don’t generally redesign the buttons on my controllers, this ability will be a major benefit for many players. If you value this kind of advantage, the RIG Pro Compact is here for you.

Should I buy the RIG Pro Compact Controller?

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It depends. As I noted earlier in the review, this is a controller designed for little hands. And for these users, that’s perfect. Or at least almost perfect. Everything feels good and due to the small size there is less travel for your fingers between the buttons and the controller is not too heavy.

But you may not like the wired setup. Even if the reason is the entry without lag. Which will probably be better for official competitions or regular competitive gameplay. I think if you don’t have a problem with wired controllers this controller is a good deal for $ 50.

For Dolby Atmos support and lifetime license only, this is a great option. So the RIG Pro Compact won’t be the best option for everyone, but it’s definitely an awesome controller worth the price. And you should buy it if you are playing on Xbox or PC.

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