The Paway app is like Waze, but for dogs

The Paway app is like Waze, but for dogs

Paway is a pretty interesting application that you get from the play store. The company, of the same name, calls this app “Waze for Dogs”. Well, it is a dog walking companion app, which can provide you with dog friendly routes, receive live alerts to keep dogs safe and stay connected with the “Paw community”.

The Paway app is basically Waze for dogs

It’s a bit similar to what Waze offers. It offers safe driving routes, road construction alerts, police sightings, and more. Even the map itself offered by Paway is somewhat reminiscent of what Waze has to offer.

Pay was first available on iOS, but the app is now also available on the Play Store. This app will plot your neighborhood route and allow you to connect with other dog parents and their dogs.

You can even report coyote sightings through this app and tag restaurants that accept dogs. You can mark your dog’s favorite places in the neighborhood, and so on.

Best of all, this app can help you find your dog if he gets lost. Paway can notify the community of lost dogs in real time, with precise location. So if you find someone’s dog, you can report it immediately.

You can add other caregivers to your account

You can add caregivers to your account. So if someone else is walking your dog, that person can access their account on the app. This goes for your family members, friends, etc.

Paway will provide you with the distance, time, route, and the time you spent walking. You can even mark when and where your dog peed or pooped on the path. Everything will be marked on the map.

It is also a great app for dog sitters. You can report anything to dog parents through this app, no problem. There are a lot of tools available here that we haven’t mentioned. Try Paway if you’re interested, it’s free.

Paway app (Play Store)

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