The OnePlus Store app spreads its wings and lands in more markets

The OnePlus Store app spreads its wings and lands in more markets

the Oneplus The Store app is finally available in more markets. As many of you know, the OnePlus Store app arrived in the United States just before the launch of the OnePlus 9 series earlier this year. Well, now it has come to a number of additional markets.

The OnePlus Store app is coming to many markets in Europe, but there’s a catch

These new markets are all located in Europe. Note that the app is still not available on the Play Store for European users. You will need to download the app manually, directly from OnePlus.

The point is, OnePlus is currently in the testing phase, but the app should soon be available through the Play Store. If you are willing to help test the app, the company offers you this option.

OnePlus asks its users to report any issue encountered in the app and share their suggestions for improving the app, as well as new features.

The company will reward you if you decide to help it. You will benefit from a 20% discount on the purchase of OnePlus accessories. Well, you can get it because OnePlus will be handing out 1000 of them.

If you end up being really good at testing, you can get a free pair of OnePlus headphones.

On top of that, if you end up being really good at sharing your feedback, you can also get the OnePlus Buds Z headphones. OnePlus says “top reviewers” ​​will get a voucher to buy these headphones for free.

If you want to participate, you will need to download the app from this linkand sign in with your OnePlus account. Once you have started testing the app, you can send your comments to [email protected] from the same email address you used to sign up for the OnePlus account.

At first glance, the OnePlus Store app for Europe is basically the same as the one in the United States, which is not surprising. It’s actually quite strange that OnePlus is testing the app given that it’s already available in the US, but there you have it, obviously it has made some changes.

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