The growth of daily Snapchat users has leaned on Android, not iOS

The growth of daily Snapchat users has leaned on Android, not iOS

Snapchat has continued to experience respectable growth over the past few months, but this primarily concerns Android users. Users of this platform are now more numerous than those who arrive on Snapchat via iOS, recent reports disclose.

The numbers are based on Snapchat’s latest earnings call, for the first quarter of 2021. The company has not included exact details on the exact breakdown of its numbers. But Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel called the change “a critical milestone for the business.” Particularly taking into account the previous issues he encountered with his Android app.

In addition, the company attributes its overall growth toapp behaviors of posting the story to Snap Map. With an “increase in the rate of new friendships and two-way communication” on the platform in March. Snapchat attributes this to people starting to socialize in “larger” groups.

Snapchat doesn’t say how many Android users it has, so how does it break down its numbers?

In terms of overall growth numbers, Snapchat claims to have added 15 million new users in the first quarter of 2021, including Android and iOS users. This brings the total number of “average daily users” to 280 million. Revenue growth is also up, a whopping 66% from a year ago. Or a total of approximately $ 770 million for the quarter.

The growth is also undoubtedly attributable to new features such as Projector. As good as other improvements done over the past few months. Snapchat says the old feature is now available in 12 countries and increased to 125 million monthly users in March. That’s a 40% growth since January. And the company reported an average of 175,000 submissions per day in February.

It also comes down to Covid

The Snapchat executive also highlighted the “reopening” efforts as a source of growth. Mr Spiegel says this has improved engagement. Especially since it concerns larger groups of friends. So the company figures top rated social media The app will likely only continue to grow in 2021, alongside an increase in vaccinations and more widespread engagement.

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