The game on Android 12 will have great improvements

When you think of mobile gaming, you might not be as likely to think about the operating system version as you are about the hardware you are using, but Android 12 can change that a bit.

Based on the latest developer preview Android 12, which is in its second version, the games are going to benefit from some very significant quality of life improvements. While there are potentially more software changes coming in a final release, Android 12 DP2 is focusing on one thing in particular.

The interesting thing is that this is something that a lot of phones already offer. Even on the current version of Android, Android 11 and even earlier versions. Google therefore seems to be inspired by manufacturers here.

Android 12 adds gaming dashboard for added convenience

If you look at phones like the ROG Phone 5, or any other gaming phone really, even OnePlus’s, there is a common thread.

There are really many common threads, but one in particular is gaming. A dedicated gaming dashboard feature. And Android 12 seems to add one as part of the system software. Each version has its own name, but they all seek to provide more for those who play games. ASUS ‘Game Genie tool, for example, shows you frames per second. It also does a ton of other things.

Like streaming and access to other built-in features on the fly. The gaming dashboard in Android 12 won’t be as robust as some others, but it will still add more than a few useful tools.

Google’s new gaming tool will have fast access for live streaming, FPS and more

So what does all this new gaming dashboard have to offer? It’s a small set of quick access buttons to launch certain features. There is a button for screenshots, one for viewing the game’s current frame rate, one for screen recording, and one for activating do not disturb mode.

There are also two larger square shaped buttons below these four. A square is currently empty, so Google may not have implemented what it will do yet. The other square button, however, is for a direct start of the live streaming of your game on YouTube.

Although this appears as part of the Android 12 DP2, 9To5Google points out that this might only apply to Pixel phones. Even though Google is considering making it available on any Android 12 device, it would still be possible that this would be limited to Pixel at first.

Since these are usually the only phones to immediately benefit from the new version of Android.

Android 12 Game Scoreboard Tool

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