The best learning apps available for Android

The best learning apps available for Android

Remember when the pandemic started when we all took online classes? Well, a long year has passed and millions of courses remain unfinished. Personally, I still have a few saved in my OneTab extension on my browser, as if I was going to come back to them eventually.

The problem with online courses is that they require a significant time commitment on a regular basis. Most of us don’t have the time or the energy to stick to a schedule like this.

All of this is why the best learning for busy people comes from innovative apps. The good news is that there are a lot of them available on the App Store.

Here are some of the best learning apps available for Android.


Learning a second (or third or fourth) language has been shown to keep your brain active, increase your ability to concentrate and express your creativity. Unfortunately, you must already be able to concentrate to a certain extent to learn a new language. In other words, unless you are using Lingopie.

Lingopie is currently the best app to learn spanishprecisely because it makes things easier. Instead of repeating words and phrases over and over again, you can do something enjoyable: watch TV. Yes, Lingopie teaches you Spanish and French through series from these countries.

Watching these series gives you a feel for how the language is spoken, with interactive captions to help you get familiar with common words and phrases. Lingopie has more languages ​​to come and is a lot more fun than any other language app on the market.


If you want to keep your brain active in other ways, you may have heard of the idea of ​​brain training. Just like you would go to the gym to build and maintain muscle, you need to exercise to train your brain.

Lumosity is the top rated brain training app, with exercises designed by scientists and neurologists. These games give you logic challenges that increase your sharpness, help you learn new things, and improve your problem-solving skills.

The app itself is free and you can make a fair amount without paying, but a monthly subscription is recommended.


Photomath is an app that improves your math skills. Just write down an equation and scan it with your phone. The app then provides you with the answer along with all the work. It shows you exactly how to fix these issues.

Unlike online math courses, Photomath won’t teach you math in a systematic way. However, if you are taking a math class and need help, Photomath is the perfect app for you.


Providing a comprehensive set of applications, SoloLearn teaches you to code in a range of different programming languages, from HTML to Java and C ++, as well as Python. Each language has its own free application. They are a great starting point for anyone who wants to get started with coding but is hesitant to take a complex course.

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