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For people who want to be reminded to send important text messages

Here is how Scheduled works. First, you schedule a text message by choosing the contact you want to send it to, entering the text message you want to send, and specifying the date and time you want the text message to be sent. You will then be reminded when it’s time to send the text message, and you can choose the messaging app you want to use with the already copied text message in the message field – the app supports Messages, Facebook Messenger , WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, E-mail (to send the message by e-mail) and Phone (to call the contact in order to deliver your message yourself).

Why we love it

It should be noted that due to restrictions on iOS, Scheduled cannot schedule text messages for automatic sending. It cannot remind you that it is time to send the text messages as expected. But nonetheless, it provides a simple and effective workaround as it helps you schedule text messages, be reminded to send the text messages, and be prompted to send them using your favorite messaging app with the text message already in place (no more copying and pasting or composing on the spot).

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