Texas Democrats End Debate On Restrictive Voting Bill

Texas Democrats End Debate On Restrictive Voting Bill

On Sunday night, Texas Democrats used every parliamentary tool at their disposal to introduce a bill that would add new restrictions on elections in the state, ultimately staging a walkout to prevent a vote from being held.

The victory is probably short-lived. Republican Gov. Greg Abbott said the bill would be added to the agenda for a special session.

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Senate Bill 7, known as the Electoral Integrity Protection Act, was passed by the State Senate along party lines early Sunday morning after an all-night debate . The bill was presented to the House on Sunday evening for final approval. But after hours of debate and delaying tactics, the chamber adjourned after the Democratic lawmakers left in protest, breaking the quorum and effectively ending debate.

The radical bill would ban drive-by voting, limit voting hours, and hold poll observers accountable.

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