Telegram will soon allow users to schedule voice chats

Telegram will soon allow users to schedule voice chats

TestCatalog reported that a new feature is coming to the Telegram beta version v7.7.0. The new feature will allow users to schedule voice chats later. Telegram’s previous v7.6.0 version brought voice chat functionality to its users. Now Telegram is further improving the functionality. This feature will likely move to a stable release as well, soon.

From now on, users can schedule a voice chat for a later date and it will be pinned to the channel. After programming voice chat, a countdown will be visible to all users. The feature will be useful for anyone with bad memory who might forget to program it the old fashioned way.

Additionally, the Telegram team tested their voice conversations with beta testers. By doing this, some interesting patterns have emerged. As users listened, they also browsed other profiles.

Another model was that the host chose to host selected speakers based on their profile description. As a result, in Telegram beta v7.7.0, you will be able to change your name and profile description along the way without closing the chat.

Telegram beta v7.7.0 has another new feature

Another feature of this update is that Telegram also has a link to Telegram features in the navigation drawer. This link will lead to the Telegram advice channel. The old FAQ section will still be accessible from the settings.

So if you are wondering how to schedule a voice chat on Telegram, here we go.

First, update to Telegram v7.7.0. Second, open a channel that you manage. Third, tap the channel icon and the 3-dot settings menu. Fourth, select start voice chat. Fifth, tap the scheduling voice chat option at the bottom. Finally, choose the hour and press start.

Remember that you can also change your profile description during a voice chat on Telegram. Here’s how to do it.

First, enter any voice chat. Second, tap your profile in the attendee list. Third, tap on the edit biography and edit the text. Finally, hit the Save button.

Now remember, this is in beta. As such, it is uncertain whether any new features will find their way into the release later. Telegram also plans to add a screen sharing feature to voice chats. Signs of this functionality have been seen on iOS in its debug menu.

Unfortunately, there are no signs of existence on Android yet. With Telegram facing competition from Flag, Spotify, and more in the live audio space, it looks like things will continue to get interesting. Check out the photos of the new features below.

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