Strategies to give grocery stores a head start on delivery apps

Strategies to give grocery stores a head start on delivery apps

Grocery delivery is a trending business these days. We can assume that the way we shop before and now is entirely different and revolutionized. There are many strategies that help typical grocery stores get a head start on their slow, offline business. One of the major revolutions in the industry is the discovery of the online grocery delivery business with a grocery delivery app. We will talk about these strategies in our blog post today.

Grocery store yesterday and today!

The very first thing we need to compare is the grocery stores of yesterday and today. Previously, the grocery stores were the little Kirana stores on the corner of every street. Later it was revolutionized with malls and supermarkets where every grocery item is placed on the shelf to increase the amount of their customers’ purchases. Supermarkets are nothing more than a simple grocery store designed to showcase their products with attractive offers, packaging and styles. And then comes the trend of a grocery delivery app like BigBasket.

There are many trends going on in online e-commerce, and one of them is the on-demand delivery business trend. Here, the delivery apps are used to take the customer’s order and deliver it. It all started with on-demand food delivery apps and later turned into many other businesses, including groceries and alcohol.

Grocery order data from savvy consumers in the consumer region (Source – Business Insider)

According to a previous study by BI Intelligence 2016, now recognized as Insider Intelligence, 37% of people currently use online grocery services, while 53% are inclined to use them. It also shows the demand for development of grocery delivery applications.

In 2019, Bigbasket held over 35% of India’s online grocery market, followed by Gofers and Amazon, which each held around 31%.

India Online Grocery Market Share 2019 By One Company (Source – Statista)

5 strategies to give grocery stores a head start on delivery apps

As statistics suggest that Development of shopping delivery applications is at its peak. Apps like Bigbasket and Grofers provide a seamless experience and gain customers who buy in grocery stores.

We share five useful strategies through which you can create a more convenient and engaging in-store shopping journey to compete with any of the grocery delivery apps and improve the consumer experience.

1. Product presentation

We are in 2021 and we are living in a post-pandemic era. Whenever a customer steps into a store, they aim to leave the store as soon as possible and avoid exposure to germs. If we were talking about the same thing five years ago, we would include window shopping or attracting customers with products.

But, today, it is a question of safety, ease and speed compared to on-demand grocery delivery app.

Product layout is a simple strategy where you anticipate or analyze the user’s need for the product and give it to them from the start. For example, take milk. Would a customer return to your store if they need to walk to the other end of the store to get it?

Customers love being able to pick up a gallon of milk in front of the store. Correct? Stores respond to need by placing common goods up front or in easily accessible places, much like an app that records your browsing and shopping data.

2. Integrations into the app

In the Development of shopping delivery applications, all integrations in industry, smartphones and apps are essential components. For example, Walmart has a streamlined app that reveals where items are located and then guides users via a map to their specific location. Airports inspired Walmart’s makeover.

So, as a store owner, it is essential to establish such services to provide a seamless experience for customers. Another thing that can be added is the use of predictive tools and technologies to analyze the customer’s needs and requirements and inform them when such items are available in the store.

3. Delivery algorithm

Development of shopping delivery applications is incomplete without a delivery algorithm. And that’s quite a problem, even for a grocery delivery app. If you are running a store, you need to develop a delivery algorithm that lowers the cost of delivery.

As a store owner, you should try to develop a lower cost vehicle route where a single grocery delivery person delivers more items in one trip. It also benefits him. The more he gives in the single route, the more per order and drives once to complete as many deliveries as possible.

4. Command cycle

Grocery delivery app like Bigbasket has a different order cycle than any other grocery store in town. As a store owner, you need an accurate forecast to know a specific no. orders generated in one day. Based on this, you can deliver fresh items every day.

Accurate forecasting helps merchants and suppliers deliver freshness in their orders to digital customers while reducing waste. Additionally, the grocery delivery app or store does not want to report an out-of-stock condition for its major purchased items.

Therefore, the control cycle is critical. When to order And what to order?

5. Experience sharing

In addition to offering fast and accessible services, many grocery stores stand out by emphasizing experiences. It was a big industry focus until Covid derailed it. But the ability to create a place to connect, learn, and experience can give grocery stores a competitive edge and draw people into the store rather than just shopping online through an on-demand grocery delivery app.

The Covid has definitely changed the face of the grocery store. With an increasing focus on pickup and delivery, supermarket retailers are modernizing their physical locations to create more convenient and customer-focused experiences.

Final result

So we’ve given out the five strategies that help grocery stores step up their game. But the app’s user-friendly features and ease of use increase brand awareness, and now is a great time to develop a brand-name app. grocery delivery.

Complete market research with end users in mind is required to identify and treat their pain areas with your unique approach. Many companies can make a grocery delivery app like BigBasket, but you need a business that understands your budgets and needs both.

If you are looking to develop a grocery delivery app or an on-demand grocery delivery app, contact us at [email protected]to get the full quote for the application and your needs.

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