Steps to Understanding the Mobile Application Development Lifecycle

Steps to Understanding the Mobile Application Development Lifecycle

What is that why there is no mobile application? Whether you have an Android device or an iPhone, pretty much anything can be done through an app. The development of mobile applications is a must for businesses, especially since the post-covid era. Whether you own a retail store or work in the service industry, there are several benefits to providing your customers with a mobile app that allows them to engage with you quickly and effortlessly.

Whatever the goal of your mobile app, you will want it to perform successfully, meet industry and regulatory standards, and provide users with a great overall experience. To be successful, you must collaborate with a mobile application development company in the United States which closely follows the application development lifecycle.

This blog post will cover trends and must-have information such as Development of iOS and Android applications with facts and statistics. You might want to learn more about the app development lifecycle before you start producing a mobile app.

The mobile app lifecycle includes many phases of Android and iOS app development. You need to make sure that you understand each step before starting the operation.

Mobile application revenues worldwide from 2014 to 2023 (Source – Statista)

Global mobile app sales topped US $ 365 billion in 2018. Commercial downloads and in-app advertising will generate more than US $ 935 billion in revenue by 2023. The numbers are enough to motivate you to research Mobile application development.

Which companies need mobile apps in 2021?

As we learn to live in a new routine, the major industries requiring application are Solutions on demand.

On-demand solutions such as taxi reservation, doctor reservation, video on demand services, food and grocery delivery. Here is an exclusive statistic for United States food delivery apps.

Based on eMarketer’s most recent mobile app usage projection, US food delivery apps are booming in popularity. This year, 38.0 million people in the United States will use these apps, an increase of 21.0% from 2018.

Let’s take a look at the application development cycle

The application development cycle must be understood. It applies to Android app development and iOS app development.

1. Strategy and planning for the application

During the first stage of the mobile app development lifecycle, you take a look at your market position and your competitor’s apps to get an idea of ​​what to expect from an app. You can also employ a mobile app development company in the United States to help you analyze it. This is done in different ways: studying industry strategies and smartphones. Remember to have the ROI calculation.

2. Decide on technology and application framework

In the second phase, you decide what kind of technology you need to use and develop an in-depth strategy to keep you on track. There are many types of frameworks that can be used to build an application. You can also use cross-platforms for on-demand solutions.

3. Prepare the basic prototype for the application

A visual representation of the future application begins to form at this point in the mobile application development cycle. You can understand the basic idea and how an application works by using a prototype. Also, you can explain what you want from the app to the mobile app development company in USA.

4. Now is the time to start the development phase

The development of applications for mobile applications can be done in two parts to Android application development and IOS application development: creation of the front end of the mobile application and development of the back end, including API and business logic.

Front-end development

This is the development that is happening on the mobile application. This involves creating displays for various mobile layouts and connecting app displays with the back end.

The goal is to design an app that works seamlessly across multiple platforms and provides consumers with a meaningful experience. During this phase, an application layer is developed and users can directly interact with it.

Back-end API creation

This development section concerns the server and the database. Back-end development includes API layer, functionality, data management, and recovery. The network settings of the servers and the database to provide and acquire information at this stage of mobile application development.

5. Test the application before uploading it

Before you publish anything for your business customers, you want to make sure that everything is working properly and providing a benefit to your consumers. The quality management step is identified.

For compatibility testing, you run the program on multiple screen sizes and platforms to confirm that it works correctly on each. To get feedback from actual users, beta testing distributes the software to a small number of customers.

Interface tests validate the functionality of navigation, menus and buttons. During this phase, you should perform security testing to ensure that your customers’ information is protected.

6. Make it live

You will make sure that the app is working properly before distributing it to your user base in the last step of mobile application development. For the Android app, there is the Google Play Store, and for iOS, there is the Apple iTunes Store. Both app stores have standards in place to ensure that apps comply with specific laws and regulations.

Your mobile application development company in the USA knows all the regulations. They will chat with you to ensure that the mobile app is authorized without any complications.

Once the app is on Apple’s Playstore or App Store, you need to make sure that you have a marketing plan in place to ensure the app’s success.

7. Post development support – Maintenance

Any application after its development requires continued infrastructure support. You will do this through the use of an admin panel or a cloud service. This will ensure that the app continues to function properly.

Final result

We believe you have a better understanding of sharing this information about our mobile app development process when you choose the best mobile application development company in the United States for your project.

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