Spotify’s ‘Best Episodes’ Ranking Will Help Small Podcasts Thrive

Spotify’s ‘Best Episodes’ Ranking Will Help Small Podcasts Thrive

Engadget reports that Spotify Improved podcast graphics will give podcasts a fighting chance. Spotify’s “best episodes” ranking will now look at individual episode numbers rather than the overall podcast in general. As a result, creators have the opportunity to present their content to more listeners.

This helps because if a little creator has a ton of listening on an episode of their podcast, it has the potential to be seen again. Besides the fact that this episode is gaining popularity, it can also help the overall podcast as a whole.

Spotify also launched a web experience for graphics. The new web experience allows subscribers to view them without having to launch the app on their smartphone. Prior to that, users had to go to Browse> Podcasts> Podcast Charts in the app to view this information. Now that it has its own website, users will be able to view the carts on their phones, tablets or computers.

Spotify’s ‘Best Episodes’ Ranking Will Help Creators Get More Discovered

Spotify is also improving its ranking of the best podcasts. The streaming service will take into account the total number of followers of the show. When it launched, it only paid attention to recent listeners numbers to determine popular podcasts.

Now Spotify says that using the new metric it is “more realistic for fast-growing new shows to break the bubble.”

Introducing these changes allows creators to reach more audiences. Spotify also benefits. The company will offer data for podcasts, which in this area is good. There is little data available in the podcast arena, so Spotify now has an edge over other platforms.

The new changes will allow the graphic to reach new shows and introduce new content. Plus, podcasts that spread like wildfire will be able to get noticed more easily. Listeners will also benefit.

Listeners will now have more content to discover that will entertain them. Spotify has a lot in store for the platform. The company has gone to great lengths to make the podcast experience more enjoyable. This makes sense because podcasts are growing rapidly and becoming more and more prevalent in society.

In addition to this Spotify, has its Clubhouse competitor in the works too. Spotify’s new live audio competitor will also allow recording of users’ live audio sessions that can be used as podcast episodes. It looks like Spotify is taking podcasts seriously.

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