Spotify improves podcast discovery with machine learning

According to Engadget Spotify is developing machine learning to help discover podcasts. Spotify’s improvement in podcast discovery shouldn’t come as a surprise as podcasts are so popular. Spotify has always had a knack for helping people discover music based on their listening history. Now they are looking to do the same with podcasts.

Spotify announced this during a live broadcast event today, February 22, but gave minimal details. The podcast search will become smarter, allowing you to search for general terms such as “cooking.” This will give users a list of shows that relate to their search terms.

The new search functionality is currently being tested here in the United States and will be rolled out “soon” in more countries. Are you a creative person looking to get into podcasting? So here is good news for you. Spotify will allow users to create their own podcasts through a partnership with WordPress.

Users will be able to use Anchor and turn written content into podcasts. This will undoubtedly make it easier to create podcasts. This new tool is the first that Spotify is adding, but there are more on the horizon.

Spotify improves podcast discovery and more

Other upcoming features include podcast questions or polls and more options for including video in a podcast. They also announced news related to the new content. For fans of Anthony and Joe Russo, the geniuses behind Infinity War and Endgame, they have a new deal with Spotify.

The new deal will allow the brothers to create audio for Spotify. The content will focus on “scripted content and universe creation”. However, the universes remain a mystery. Additionally, there is no news on when the new content will be available.

DC, Warner Brothers and Spotify have a partnership that will also produce new content. Spotify also gave updates on this partnership. Batman Unburied is a project born from this partnership. David S Goyer is producing this new project which starts this year.

The latest Spotify news today is about business. Spotify Ad Studio can now be used for podcasts as well as for music. Ad Studio is a self-service advertising platform for advertisers. The platform allows advertisers to buy ads in music streams.

Now advertisers will be able to do the same for original and exclusive podcasts. Other podcasts in the future will support this later. Fortunately, that shouldn’t mean you will be buried in the ads. But it does mean that advertisers will have an easier time placing ads in Spotify content.

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