Spotify and Giphy unite to make GIF soundtrack effective

A recent report by The Commitment suggests that soon you can tap on your favorite artist’s GIF on GIPHY and listen to their songs on Spotify.

Notably, one of the most popular music and podcast streaming platforms, Spotify, has teamed up with GIPHY, a popular name that allows you to find and share short animated images, which have teamed up to deliver to their users have a different experience.

Basically, they combine two products in one, in a way. By this we mean that both companies will allow artists to add their music to their GIFs.

However, it won’t work the way you think it is. Instead of playing music here and there when you tap the GIF, you’ll be taken to the Spotify artist page. Here you can choose the track you want to play.

Either way, it sure sounds new and interesting. Also, Spotify and GIPHY are popular names in the category they serve. So that makes it more intriguing for artists.

In an official blog, Spotify announced this collaboration. That said, artists who have a verified GIPHY page can now use this new feature and redirect their fans to their Spotify pages.

By clicking on the GIF, a button “Listen on Spotify” will appear

Fans who click on their favorite artist’s GIFs will see a “Listen on Spotify” button. This will then take them to the artist’s official Spotify page which includes all of their tracks.

Note that the “Listen on Spotify” button will only be displayed on artist-selected GIFs, not all animated images.

In addition, the participating GIFs will be available to discover both on the GIPHY mobile application and also on the website. Once you land on the artist’s Spotify page, you can listen to their music.

According to the official announcement, artists such as Doja Cat, The Weeknd, Post Malone, Nicki Minaj, The Kid LAROI and Conan Gray, are already on board with this integration. So fans of these artists can see the new feature in action, right now.

The move seems like a pretty interesting move, giving artists another way to reach their fans. During this time, it will also help to increase the number of listeners and flows during the process.

Spotify might not be the huge advantage here, but GIPHY sure could be. A large number of popular artists, including those already on board, would visit the platform and increase the number of its visitors.

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