Spider Solitaire Challenge lets you learn to inspire humans while playing cards

Spider Solitaire Challenge lets you learn to inspire humans while playing cards

But the choice can be overwhelming at times, which is why we’re also excited to reveal that the team behind Solitaired have just released Spider Solitaire Challenge, a standalone version of Spider Solitaire.

It’s entirely possible that you don’t know much about Spider Solitaire, as Klondike, FreeCell, and Pyramid tend to monopolize the limelight in the world of Solitaire variants. Here is how it works.

Each turn of Spider Solitaire involves sorting two decks of cards – 104 in total. 54 of these cards are dealt initially, in four columns of six and six columns of five, with the top card of each column face up.

The goal is to erase the cards cleanly. After all, every version of Solitaire is basically a fun way to tidy up. To clear the cards from the board, you need to get a full flush, from ace to king.

Spider Solitaire is pretty straightforward if you only use one combination. The difficulty comes when you add a second color, or all four. This is because you cannot move a stack of numbered cards if they have more than one suit, only if they all belong to the same suit.

This adds a serious layer of complexity to Spider Solitaire, making it both the simplest and the most delicate form of solitaire, depending on how many combinations you play with.

Like Solitaired before it, Spider Solitaire Challenge has other missions besides being a lot of fun. In partnership with institutions such as MIT and the Encyclopedia Britannica, its developers have created a number of custom decks celebrating notable personalities.

There’s a deck celebrating heroes in space and aviation, a deck commemorating key figures in the women’s suffrage movement, a deck of Notable Women in Computing, and many more.

To find out, play the Spider Solitaire Challenge free online, or on the Google play store. An iOS version is in preparation and will be available soon.

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