Spider Solitaire challenge features custom decks made with MIT, Encyclopedia Britannica

Spider Solitaire challenge features custom decks made with MIT, Encyclopedia Britannica

There are many different versions of Solitaire, and they all featured in last year’s Solitaired, Entrepreneurial Developers X and Y.

Now the team has decided to simplify. Spider Solitaire Challenge takes just one variation of Solitaire and lets it shine on its own personal stage.

Chances are the only version of Solitaire you’ve played is Klondike, the default game that came with billions of copies of Microsoft Windows in the ’90s and’ 90s.

Spider Solitaire is a much more interesting proposition, with a difficulty level ranging from “fairly easy” to “unbelievably impossible”. Here is how it works.

You play with two full decks, which makes a total of 104 cards. 54 of these cards are dealt initially, in ten random columns, with the top card of each column exposed. At any time, you can deal another card, face up, on each of these columns.

The goal is to rearrange those randomly shuffled cards into nice, digitally ordered piles, and it’s a pretty straightforward task when there’s only one suit on the table.

Things change when you add another costume. Although it is possible to place a card of any suit on a card with the next increasing number, you can only move the resulting stack of cards if they also belong to the same suit.

This evil twist requires you to be extremely careful about where you place your cards. The seemingly safe haven of a red six can be tempting when you need a place to dump a black five, but that five can all too easily become an immovable obstacle that stops all machine grinding.

As well as being a great Solitaire variation, Spider Solitaire Challenge is an enlightening educational resource. X and Y have teamed up with institutions like Encyclopedia Britannica, MIT, Who2 and others to create themed decks celebrating great humans.

There is a platform filled with personalities of the women’s suffrage movement, a presentation featuring the heroes of the civil rights movement, a platform containing great inventors, a platform for notable women in the computing, and more.

To find out, play Spider Solitaire Challenge for free online or download it from the Google play store.

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